Emergency Shelter

Age 12–17: Adolescent Emergency Shelter

You can reach Adolescent Emergency Shelter 24/7 at (800) 495-7802. We will ask some brief questions. If you qualify, you can enter the Shelter that day. If not, we will point you to other options. Within 72 hours of entry into Shelter, a parent, guardian, or Child Protective Services (CPS) worker must consent to your staying in the program.

Location: U-District (NE Seattle)
Shelter Hours: 24 hours
Phone Number: (800) 495-7802

Age 12–17: Safe Place

If you need a place to stay, you can go to any Safe Place site and say "I need a safe place." The staff will arrange for you to be met by a youth counselor who can help you find shelter or other services. Or, text the word "SAFE" with your current location to 44357 and you'll receive a text back with the closest Safe Place. If you need to talk to someone right away, reply with “2chat” and you’ll be able to text with a counselor. You can also call Safe Place directly at 1 (800) 422-TEEN.

Age 18–24: Jackson Street Program

At Jackson Street Program, we have 15 beds available for young people currently enrolled in an educational pathway (school, job training, or other program).  Eligible students can remain in the program for an extended period while on-site case management assists them in identifying and transitioning into long-term stable housing. There are also five beds for emergency shelter by call in only on a first call first serve basis beginning at 7:30 pm each night. To make a referral or request a place to stay, please call (206) 465-7436. 

Age 18–24: Overnight Shelter at Orion

We have 2 to 5 Emergency Shelter beds available each night on a "sign up" basis. 

To reserve a bed: Add your name to the 5 slot Sign Up sheet at the Front Desk of the Orion Center to hold a bed for that night.

*Important*: The Orion Center will only hold your Emergency bed until 8:30pm. After 8:30pm any available beds will be given to clients waiting outside of Orion who did not sign up ahead of time.

You must have government-issued ID with picture and birth date and be between the ages of 18 and 24. No Level II or Level III RSOs. (If you don't have ID, we can help you get it. Call (206) 622-5555, Monday-Friday, for information on ID runs.)  

Doors open for Shelter at 8:00pm. 

We provide a nightly dinner, showers, laundry, activities, and breakfast.

Additional Questions: (206) 622-5555 

Location: The Orion Center: the green building on the corner of Denny and Stewart, at the foot of the I-5 highway overpass on Denny Way. (Street Address: 1828 Yale Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101)
Shelter Hours: Monday–Friday: 8:00pm-7:30am; Saturday–Sunday: 8:00pm–8am.


Other Emergency and Overnight Shelters

Under 18

  • Nexus (Auburn Youth Resources) South King County Youth Shelter: Emergency shelter in Auburn for youth 10–17. Phone Number: (800) 609-6884 / (800) 259-6042
  • Youth Haven (Friends of Youth): Emergency housing in Bellevue and Kenmore for youth 11–17. Phone Number: (206) 236-5437 / (206) 236-KIDS

18 and Over

  • ROOTS Young Adult Shelter: Emergency shelter in Seattle's U-District for youth 18–25. Phone Number: (206) 632-1635
  • The Landing (Friends of Youth & Bellevue Family YMCA): Overnight shelter in Bellevue for youth 18–24. Phone Number: (425) 449-3868

Find out about other services for homeless youth in Seattle/King County.