Young people experiencing homelessness want to focus on their futures, but it’s hard to move forward without basic necessities. You can help young people achieve their goals by making a gift or purchasing currently needed items.


Back-to-School Drive

As classrooms continue to be virtual it is more important than ever to provide youth with tools to stay connected to their education. Our staff are finding creative ways to engage youth amidst unique barriers brought on by COVID-19. But they need your help. Join us in supporting young people’s educational goals so they can gain stability, realize their potential, and achieve their dreams.

Can you help us collect school supplies by ordering from our online wishlist? Items are shipped directly to us and are safely distributed to our programs and youth!

School Supply Wishlist

You can also ship supplies directly to our main office from retailers of your choosing! Please ship items to YouthCare, Attn: Back-to-School Drive, 2500 NE 54th St., Seattle, WA 98105. We encourage supporting local and POC-owned businesses whenever possible.

We are deeply grateful for all front-line staff, including Amazon warehouse workers who are showing up every day to ensure life-saving supplies reach those in need. We stand in solidarity with them and their right to protection and safety as employees.

Other ways to give

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