Each young person arrives at YouthCare with a unique story and set of circumstances. For some youth, quick support—a hot meal, a chat with staff, a visit to the clinic—is all they need to move forward. For other young people, the path to stability may look different. Through a combination of individualized services tailored to young people’s needs and a trusting relationship with a caring adult, YouthCare ensures that young people experiencing homelessness achieve long-term stability.

Shelter & Housing

YouthCare’s housing programs help young people build independent living skills and provide a stable foundation to pursue education and employment opportunities that lead to thriving independence.


YouthCare engages young people through outreach, meeting basic needs, and providing safe places to sleep. Staff help young people build trust and plan their next steps.


YouthCare’s Early Intervention & Specialized Services (EISS) programs engage and support young people at risk of homelessness. Staff also work with the caring adults in young people’s lives to ensure each youth stays safely housed or returns home quickly.

Workforce Development

YouthCare’s employment programs include a range of options from the first steps of job readiness to internships and employment in the local economy.


YouthCare offers flexible and individualized high school diploma and GED programs designed to help young people reconnect to school and work toward post-secondary options.