The majority of youth come to YouthCare with histories of trauma. Systems designed to support young people have failed and trusted adults have broken their promises. Yet these resilient youth share a hope for the future and a desire to move forward. YouthCare’s engagement services focus on building relationships, restoring broken trust, and planning for the future. YouthCare engages youth experiencing homelessness through outreach in the community and engagement centers that help them build stability and transform their lives.

Engagement Centers

YouthCare’s engagement centers serve as safe and welcoming spaces where young people can come during the day to enjoy a meal, meet with supportive staff, connect to services, and start to think about stability and next steps.

Street and Community Outreach

YouthCare’s street outreach team engages young people on the streets or in their community to help them meet their basic needs and connect to services. Staff offer warm socks, water, food, and basic hygiene supplies, continuing contact with young people they’ve already met and keeping an eye out for newcomers. Through these outreach workers and word of mouth, many young people find their way to YouthCare. When they walk through the doors of our engagement centers, our outreach staff members are the first familiar faces they see—and trust.

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