Frankie: Finding the Support and Healing Needed to Move Forward

The transition from adolescence to adulthood can be hard, often filled with curveballs, hardship, and lessons learned. The young people we serve at YouthCare are on that same journey, going through the same trials and tribulations as their peers. But for young people experiencing homelessness, a traditional support system—parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents—isn’t always available, which… Read More of “Frankie: Finding the Support and Healing Needed to Move Forward”

Triston: Turning over a new leaf

No better word captures Triston than “humble.” There’s a softness about him, a genuine sense of gratitude. Start a conversation and within minutes you’ll see the twinkle, the pensive grin of someone who is deeply reflective and wise beyond his years. Like most young people who come to YouthCare, Triston wasn’t dealt an easy hand.… Read More of “Triston: Turning over a new leaf”

Tony: Ready To Move Forward

Young people come to YouthCare for many reasons. Some exit foster care without a place to go. Others flee from family abuse or rejection. But many come to us simply because their families are trapped in cycles of poverty—pushed to the margins of our economy and struggling to survive without an adequate safety net to… Read More of “Tony: Ready To Move Forward”

LaShawnta: Making Great Strides

LaShawnta first came through the doors of YouthCare’s James W. Ray Orion Center in 2013, interested in the Barista Training and Education Program, as well as GED services. She was homeless and struggling with severe mental health issues as a result of a life filled with trauma. LaShawnta entered YouthCare’s on-site GED program and began… Read More of “LaShawnta: Making Great Strides”

Alicia: Putting the Pieces Together

20-year-old Alicia* was living in her car with her partner and her dog, after leaving home because of family conflict exacerbated by economic constraints. Alicia dropped out of school after completing 8th grade and had never held a job. Luckily, she found YouthCare and learned about our Tile Project, a pre-employment training program designed for young… Read More of “Alicia: Putting the Pieces Together”

Serena: Grande Ambitions

To her customers at Starbucks, Serena is the bubbly, friendly barista who always remembers their usual order. Her coworkers marvel at how many regulars she knows. Every once in a while, she’ll coax one of them into trying, say, a caramel macchiato – just for fun. To the undecided, she speaks knowledgeably about the different… Read More of “Serena: Grande Ambitions”