YouthCare is grateful to the following individuals for committing their time and energy to serving on our Board of Directors and leading us in our mission to end the youth housing crisis.

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Board of Directors

Ken Robertson, Vice Chair

Ken Robertson (he/him/his)

Board President
Joined in 2018

Ken was introduced to YouthCare during a day of service through his company when they served lunch at The Orion Center. It was such a great experience that they started doing a monthly lunch. That led to helping out the Barista program with resume writing, job hunting skills, and interview skills. The next step was naturally to start hosting a yearly luncheon table. Those powerful experiences with young people made him realize that he wanted to have a greater, more thoughtful impact with youth and YouthCare as an organization. Fast forward to 2018 and Ken’s professional life in development led YouthCare to connect him to the Real Estate Committee, and soon thereafter he joined the Board. He also enjoys volunteering for The One Eighty Foundation and in the past with Treehouse, Gay City, and Seattle International Film Festival. Ken and his husband, Tony, a Professor of Educational Studies at University of Washington, live in Seattle.  Ken enjoys architecture and design, travel, reading, and cooking. 

Greg Moye

Greg Moye (he/him/his)

Board Co-Vice President; Community Campaign/Development Committee Chair
Joined in 20

Greg has had two passions in serving the community: education and helping the disadvantaged. To him, YouthCare is one of the rare organizations that embodies both. He believes that interceding in the lives of youth when they require it most is vital for the long-term health of our community. He has many years of experience serving in leadership positions and founding organizations that serve people affected by HIV, as well as bringing people together in support of LGBTQ communities. As the chairperson of the Russell Investments’ LGBTQ employee network, he has been a major financial and volunteer supporter of the scholarship programs of the GSBA and Pride Foundation. He recently co-founded and co-chairs EmRG, an association of LGBTQ corporate leaders who collaborate, serve the community, and advocate on behalf of LGBTQ employees in partnership with corporate leaders and local government.  In his free time, he is involved in the visual and performing arts, fitness and nutrition, writing, and travel.

Becka Johnson Poppe (she/her/hers)

Board Co-Vice President; Race Equity Justice Committee
Joined in 20

YouthCare’s mission combines several things that Becka deeply cares about: equity and social justice, mental health, homelessness, and supporting the young people in our communities. Over the last decade, Becka has managed budgets and led policy analysis for some of the region’s largest government agencies. Currently, Becka oversees half of King County’s budget and works to advance environmental, mobility, equity, and social justice priorities. Previously, at the University of Washington, she promoted equitable access to higher education and led the UW’s analysis of state policy and budget proposals. Becka regularly volunteers for a number of local organizations, including on the Board of Doney Coe Pet Clinic, which provides care to the animal companions of people experiencing homelessness. She previously worked in mental health research for Stanford University and has mentored students from low-income communities over the last two decades. Becka is excited to support YouthCare in ensuring that all young people can thrive and is committed to centering and amplifying the voices of those who have lived experiences with homelessness. Outside of work and volunteering, Becka enjoys adventuring with her spouse and their cat, Edgar, as well as spending time outdoors and cheering on the Mariners.

Tee Earls (he/him/his)

Board Secretary; Finance Committee; Real Estate Committee
Joined in 20

Tee began supporting YouthCare in the late 1990s when he moved to the Seattle area.  He has volunteered in the Orion Center and is a passionate believer in the holistic approach YouthCare brings, meeting young adults where they are and offering them a path towards greater self-sufficiency.  Tee is a Product Manager at Microsoft in the cloud computing division and has previously worked as a technology consultant for local nonprofits.  He and his husband are the proud parents of two adopted children, with extended family members dealing with many similar issues that YouthCare addresses.  Tee holds an MBA from Washington State University and a BBA from William & Mary.

John Zmolek, Board Treasurer

John Zmolek (he/him/his)

Board Treasurer; Finance Committee Chair
Joined in 2020

John first became more familiar with YouthCare when his younger son started dropping into the Orion Center to receive services.  John and his husband, searching for a non-profit agency to partner with in developing low-income housing, started conversations with YouthCare’s CEO.  The result was James Place Studios. Though recently retired, he was the CEO of Verity Credit Union.  There, he focused on creating communities that we want and need by financing change.   John’s non-profit journey began in the 80’s as volunteer and board chair of Shanti, which provided one-on-one emotional support to persons with AIDS. John is currently chair of Business Impact NW, which trains and lends to new entrepreneurs, with a focus on women, veterans, and minorities. John’s family includes his husband, Jerry, son, Buckey, and their eldest son, James, who died in January 2019. YouthCare’s James Place Studios is named in his honor. John enjoys cooking, theater, hiking, and biking.  Because he has three German grandchildren, he is attempting to learn German.  


Alyssa Alcantara

Alyssa Alcantara (she/her/hers)

Real Estate Committee Chair
Joined Board of Directors 2017

When Alyssa served on the United Way “Out of the Rain” Council to End Homelessness, the council was focused mostly on chronic adult homelessness. During a United Way meeting, YouthCare presented about the youth housing crisis, especially as it relates to preventing chronic adult homelessness. Inspired by YouthCare’s words, Alyssa began volunteering at ROOTS and YouthCare, which led her to explore how she could further help. With 10 years of experience as a licensed architect specialized in multi-family housing and working at Bellwether Housing in affordable housing development, Alyssa was referred to join the YouthCare Real Estate Committee, which led to an invitation to join the Board. She has since expanded her real estate experience to work in commercial real estate and continues to consult on the Real Estate Committee and Board of Directors. When she is not volunteering, Alyssa enjoys hanging out with her husband and three-year-old daughter, running, skiing, hiking, and camping. 

Farron Curry

Farron Curry (she/her/hers)

Governance Committee Chair; Executive Committee
Joined in 2020

When Farron first attended a YouthCare luncheon and served a meal at The Orion Center, she knew she wanted to be part of it. A lifelong Washingtonian, Farron has witnessed the devastating effects addiction, family conflict, and homelessness can have. Too many young lives, including Farron’s beloved sister-in-law Kristen, have been lost too soon – which drives Farron’s commitment to YouthCare’s mission. Farron is an Attorney who practices employment and business litigation, usually on behalf of clients in the manufacturing, retail, and nonprofits. She has always been passionate about young people and devotes volunteer time accordingly, including at Childhaven, through Gonzaga focused on the impacts of youth “aging out” of the system, at the University of Oregon as its first Child Advocacy Fellow, and today with YouthCare. Farron is married to Calvin and has two kids, Leni and Finn. They love spending time together, especially in, on, or near water (which makes West Seattle the perfect spot for them to live and explore).

Lindsay Harris (she/her/hers)

Finance Committee
Joined in 2023

Lindsay found YouthCare when she embarked on a search for an organization focused on addressing barriers that prevent young people from reaching their full potential. She hoped to bring the skills and experience she gained working in healthcare leadership roles to bear in service to young people and an organization committed to helping them thrive. YouthCare was a perfect fit. YouthCare’s mission – to end homelessness and to ensure that young people are valued for who they are and empowered to achieve their potential – is audacious and necessary. Lindsay is ready to roll up her sleeves to help YouthCare achieve in service to its goals. Lindsay has held several volunteer and board roles throughout her career and is active in supporting organizations committed to health equity. She is also the President and CEO of HMA, a third party administrator that serve northwest employers and their employees. Lindsay enjoys skiing and traveling with her family. She also enjoys running with her lovable golden retriever whenever she can.

Shawli Hathaway,MPA (she/her/hers)

Race Equity Justice Committee Chair
Joined in 2023

Early in her career Shawli first learned about YouthCare when she was working with youth and young adults aging out of the foster care system. YouthCare provided a critical lifeline to vulnerable youth during one of the most important yet daunting times of their lives. Later on Shawli managed a team of AmeriCorps members and placed members at YouthCare. Through these experiences Shawli learned more about YouthCare and grew to deeply respect the positive impact the agency has in the community. Currently Shawli serves as the Interim Director of Resident Services at King County Housing Authority and joined YouthCare’s board to pursue her passion of ending youth homelessness. In her free time Shawli enjoys playing competitive tennis and immersing herself in a good book.

Dr Jennifer Hoock

Dr. Jennifer Hoock (she/her/hers)

Real Estate Committee
Joined in 20

Jennifer noticed YouthCare’s Orion Center driving from teaching and seeing patients as a family doctor at Kaiser. Shortly after, she collaborated with YouthCare staff for a needs assessment, and found that youth wanted to “learn about health” and have a “clinic onsite.” Thus began “Doc Talks,” and later, Kaiser added a clinic (2016) which has grown to be part of the Kaiser clinical care system, also now including a to treat youth struggling with substance use disorders. She runs the Community Medicine training for the residents and sees patients at the “Orion Clinic” and NeighborCare’s Rainier Beach Clinic. While at YouthCare, Jennifer has come to appreciate the challenges faced by youth as they move successfully into adulthood without the supports most of us take for granted: functional, supportive family, a place to live, education, and access to health and mental health care. Jennifer is amazed by the resilience and determination seen in youth and the staff; YouthCare’s “care” makes a difference, and now, Jennifer has joined the Board to get more deeply involved and ensure support continues to be equitably available to all who need it.

Carmen Hudson

Carmen Hudson (she/her/hers)

Governance Committee, Campaign & Fund Development Committee
Joined in 201

Carmen first learned about YouthCare through a former board member who invited Carmen to YouthCare’s Annual Luncheon at about the same time she became very interested in how to decrease homelessness in Seattle. That Luncheon invite became an invite to volunteer serving dinner at the Orion Center, an invite to another YouthCare event, and eventually an invitation to join the board. After a long career in corporate recruiting at big tech companies, Carmen became a consultant for a six-person company called Recruiting Toolbox and now helps organizations design and improve their candidate sourcing, interview and selection processes. She contributes these skills now to YouthCare’s various board efforts while also enjoying her hobbies of reading, writing, and seeing the world with her husband, William, the HR Director for SEIU and a longtime YouthCare supporter as well.

Nancy Hungerford (she/her/hers)

Governance Committee
Joined in 2024

Nancy had the pleasure of attending a YouthCare Luncheon and vowed she’d get more involved when she had the time, that time “now”. Following a fulfilling multi decade career as a Talent Leader, spanning mission driven start-ups (pre/post IPO) & Fortune 500 companies, she’s excited to continue learning and leading impact by focusing on our community and believes there is nothing more critical than serving young people, our future. Originally from NY, Nancy, her husband and their standard poodle Biz reside in sunny Seattle. She’s passionate about many things including but not limited to: music, cooking, architecture, gardening, health & wellness, and all things espresso.

Tierra Jones, MS (she/her/hers)

Community Campaign/Development Committee; Public Affairs Committee
Joined in 2023

Tierra found YouthCare while searching for organizations that support young people, social justice and equity. She was hoping to connect her passion of investing in future leaders to a new place she would soon call home, Seattle, WA. Tierra is originally from Philadelphia. She’s dedicated the last 13 years of her life to social impact and specifically, youth focused. In the early stages of her career, Tierra founded a nonprofit in Philadelphia, Attract Philly Inc. Tierra has held several volunteer and advisory committee roles to support local nonprofits and grassroot projects to advance education equity and mentoring. Tierra is committed to empowering the youth and being a part of Youthcare board allows that commitment. She’s also the principal fundraising consultant at Nonprofit Development Hub, a women owned consultant agency that assists black and brown led nonprofits with fundraising and grant writing services. Beyond volunteering and fundraising, Tierra enjoys traveling, learning and exploring different foods–her favorite is food from the soul!

Michelle Marshall (she/her/hers)

Real Estate Committee; Race Equity Justice Committee
Joined in 2023

Michelle is a native to Seattle and was an at-risk youth that experienced being homeless during her teenage and early adult years. Understanding how important it is to have support and the proper resources, Michelle was driven to turn her circumstances around. About ten years ago, she set a goal to eventually join an amazing program like YouthCare, and be a part of the positive impact of the communities she grew up in. Being able to serve on the board is such an honor and an opportunity that Michelle would not have thought was possible as a youth. Michelle has spent the last 16 years at Symetra Life Insurance Company and in her first three months of employment, she had the opportunity to serve and volunteer in the community. Michelle loves this about the company she works for and has made volunteering with her work team, a reoccurring theme. Michelle also has had opportunities to be connected to colleagues as a coach and a mentor in the last few years. Over the years in Michelle’s career, she is often the only Black woman at work events, and on the teams that she is a part of or lead. This drove Michelle’s passion for DE&I and creating and leading safe environments where people can be their authentic self. Michelle understands the importance of feeling seen, heard, valued, and respected. Michelle has joined the employee resource groups at work and is enthusiastic about learning more about diverse groups. Michelle is excited to apply her skills and lived experiences to YouthCare’s overall mission; to end homelessness for the youth. Michelle has an adult daughter, loves music and traveling with her friends.

Michelle Mathieu (she/her/hers)

Finance Committee
Joined in 2022

Michelle first encountered YouthCare in 2017 through her company’s volunteering at the Orion Center. In 2020, when the pandemic shut down many social services, Michelle and her husband Jim felt called to make a direct and meaningful difference in their North Seattle community. That summer, with the generous support of Ryther Center, Michelle and Jim made a personally meaningful investment to support YouthCare’s Casa de los Amigos program for refugee girls.

As their enthusiasm for YouthCare grew over the years, their involvement extended to Jim volunteering with facilities maintenance and Michelle serving as a deeply engaged board member focused on strategy, fundraising, governance, and finance. Michelle appreciates that YouthCare provides much more than safe housing. Early intervention, specialized services, education, and employment are essential to stability for young people. 

As a business owner and investment advisor to families and nonprofits, Michelle’s recent efforts for YouthCare aim to ensure its financial security to sustain and expand programs and partnerships for the long term.

Priya Priyadarshini

Community Campaign/Fund Development Committee
Joined in 2024

As Microsoft’s Global Head of Talent Management, Priya leads a team focused on developing and deploying talent strategies across the entire organization. This encompasses executive development, talent acquisition, and career development for all employees. Prior to this role, Priya held various HR leadership positions at Microsoft, most recently leading employee learning and development programs. Throughout her 15-year career at Microsoft, she has championed bringing out the best in people, fostering diversity, and placing humanity at the core of technology. Beyond her professional life, Priya actively contributes to the community and enjoys an active lifestyle. She is a strong advocate for personal growth, as evidenced by her favorite quote: “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

Hillary Norris Schneider

Community Campaign/Fund Development Committee
Joined in 2024

Hillary was introduced to YouthCare in her early years working in nonprofit development in the Seattle area. Today, in her role at Sellen Construction, she is fully immersed in YouthCare’s mission. As Sellen’s Director of Diversity Outreach and Community Impact, Hillary manages Sellen’s philanthropic contributions and engagement with construction pre-apprenticeship training programs, including YouthCare’s YouthBuild. Hillary’s commitment to community was sparked at an early age in her hometown of Sumner, Wash., where she raised funds for various causes she believed would drive the change she wanted to see in her community. After joining Sellen in 2019, Hillary connected with YouthCare by partnering with her coworkers at the nonprofit’s volunteer opportunities and attending the annual luncheon. Hillary and her husband also participated in the meal delivery service during the pandemic. Her passion blossomed as she began to work closely with YouthBuild and heard powerful stories shared by those whose lives were changed for the better by the organization. During one volunteer opportunity at YouthCare, a fellow Sellen employee shared that they, too, had experienced homelessness in their youth and were brought to tears empathizing and connecting with students. Hillary is deeply touched by YouthCare’s mission and believes no one — especially our youth — should be living without access to food and shelter. Hillary enjoys spending as much time as she can with her husband, their daughter, and their very energetic dog.

Asha Sehgal

Community Campaign/Fund Development Committee
Joined i
n 2021

Bio coming soon

Bart Shilvock

Bart Shilvock (he/him/his)

Real Estate Committee
Joined in 2006

Bart learned of YouthCare through his wife’s volunteer work. His own passion for the mission came after attending a YouthCare luncheon, which came at the same time as an opportunity to serve on the Board while in a senior leadership role at Boeing. Bart served on the Board for 12 years and was a founding member of the Real Estate Committee. After a 3-year break on the Board, in which he continued to serve on the Real Estate Committee, Bart rejoined in 2021. After retirement from 36 years at Boeing he deepened his commitment to helping young people fulfill their potential by joining the Western Washington University Foundation Board, with which he is actively involved by pursuing public-private partnerships that generate revenue to support students and programs. Bart and his wife, Randi, live in the north end and have an adult daughter and son, both of whom live locally. Outside interests include tennis, gardening, live music, travel, and mentoring young people.

Cecilia Sorci (she/her/hers)

Public Affairs Committee; Governance Committee
Joined in 2023

Cecilia learned of YouthCare from a former board member who invited her to a fundraising event. YouthCare’s mission of ensuring young people feel empowered to reach their potential aligns with Cecilia’s belief that every young person deserves an opportunity to thrive. Currently, Cecilia is Vice President of Communications at Pacific Public Affairs. Prior to joining YouthCare’s Board, Cecilia served on the Pro-Choice Washington Board, including two years as C4 Board Chair. Cecilia enjoys cooking, yoga, Pilates and spending time with her husband, daughter and cat Mr. Mittens.

Nick Straley

Nick Straley, JD (he/him/his)

Public Affairs Committee, Chair
Joined in 2021

Nick is a long-time resident of Seattle where he lives with his wife and two teenage children. Nick works for Columbia Legal Services as an attorney where his practice focuses on protecting the rights of justice involved individual and families. His work includes advocacy on behalf of children and youth caught up in the criminal legal system. Throughout his career, Nick has witnessed YouthCare’s commitment to working with youth to reach their full potential. Nick is proud to continue a Straley family connection with YouthCare dating back to his grandfather, Walter Straley, and more recently his father, Hugh Straley.

Stefani Sugihara (she/her/hers)

Governance Committee
Joined in 2023

Stefani was introduced to YouthCare through the Seattle Kraken, where she currently serves as the Sr. Manager of People & Culture. As part of this partnership, she heads the workforce development program that focuses on providing youth with job opportunities within the sports & entertainment industry. Seeing how excited, passionate, and hardworking these young people are when given the opportunity encouraged her to play a bigger role in furthering YouthCare’s mission as a Board Member. When not volunteering, Stefani and her partner, Bobby, enjoy traveling, going to hockey games, and spending time with their 130lb Great Dane, Livy.

as of January, 2023