YouthCare works to end youth homelessness and to ensure that young people are valued for who they are and empowered to achieve their potential.


YouthCare envisions a community where no young person experiences homelessness, all young people have the opportunity to thrive, and the systems that oppress them are dismantled.


Safety: All young people deserve a secure, stable, and healthy environment.

Respect: We center our work in compassion and dignity for others and the belief that all young people should be valued.

Empowerment: We promote a culture that encourages staff and youth to develop their own strengths, and that champions their growth and successes.

Dependability: We are unwavering in our commitment to young people and can be trusted to provide consistent, high quality, and sustainable care.

Social Justice: To end the youth housing crisis we must name and actively work to dismantle those systems that have created injustices for people of color, LGBTQ+, and immigrant communities. Click here to read our statement on anti-racism.

Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion: We embrace diversity, assure fair treatment, and provide equitable access to opportunities.

Leadership: We lead and advocate for changes that benefit young people by leveraging the collective power and influence of our youth, staff, board, and partners.

Collaboration: We can achieve more for young people by collaborating with and learning from partners and inspiring the community to take action.