YouthCare’s Doorways Program offers young people the chance to explore their career interests by gaining onsite work experience while still being part of a supportive cohort. Young people receive six weeks of internship experience while YouthCare compensates their wages. During the week, young people work up to twenty-five hours at their internships and on Fridays, the cohort comes together to learn leadership skills and prepare for full-time employment.

Some of the past Doorways internships include internal roles at YouthCare, such as a kitchen intern at the Orion Center or an operations assistant at our administrative office. Other internships have been at nonprofits, such as the YMCA, Rainer Valley Food Bank, and Sanctuary Art Center or local business such as TomBoyX, Gourmondo, and Paramount Health & Rehabilitation. Many Doorways internships have turned into full-time employment following the end of the program.

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