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Guest written by Tara Migliore,
Donor Engagement Manager

Growing up, my family depended on my father’s good union job with the city water department. Thanks to his union benefits, I and my siblings had access to healthcare and a secure future. It instilled in me the importance of unions and the fight for fair wages and dignified working conditions. 

Every March, during Women’s History Month, I reflect on the movement for “Bread and Roses.” This powerful slogan, coined by women during the early 20th century labor strikes, speaks to the need for both material security (“Bread”) and a fulfilling life that includes beauty and joy (“Roses”). When I think of a just and equitable future, this is what I want for myself and my community. 

Women's History Month

Construction, a field traditionally dominated by men, holds immense potential to offer both “Bread” and “Roses.” YouthBuild is breaking down barriers and empowering young women and gender-diverse individuals to see themselves thriving in these settings. The program builds their confidence and skill set, equipping them with the tools to succeed in the trades and show up with pride. Unfortunately, gender discrimination and harassment are realities some will face. YouthBuild equips young people to advocate for themselves and identify supportive networks. We coach them on their rights and how to handle challenging situations. 

YouthBuild goes beyond just technical skills. It fosters a sense of accomplishment, ownership, and pride. The program provides amazing community and team-building opportunities, allowing youth to develop interpersonal and relational skills while building self-confidence in a safe and inclusive environment. They get to see a future different from what they’ve known, one where they can reach their full potential, surrounded by people who genuinely believe in them. 

Young people come to YouthBuild because they need help completing their education and securing a viable career. In this program we see youth get excited when they gain the skills to build a birdhouse for a loved one, and then move on to complete a tiny home for Low Income Housing Institute, or we might share in the excitement of passing a GED exam. In 2023, 177 young people accessed YouthCare’s job training opportunities, with 66% of workforce trainees employed or actively seeking work upon completion. 

Right now, youth are waiting to join our upcoming YouthBuild cohorts, and this program relies on support from our community. Together, we can equip youth with the skills they need to not just survive but thrive. Please consider making a gift today to support YouthBuild and help young people build a future filled with both “Bread” and “Roses.” 

Tara Migliore,
Donor Engagement Manager

Please consider making a gift today to support YouthBuild!

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