Gift Cards: Why They Matter

The young people we meet often have to make tough choices with limited resources. Choices like: if I buy these groceries today, will I have enough for the bus to make to class? Or, if it’s winter break and I can’t rely on a meal at school, where will I find my next meal? Gift… Read More of “Gift Cards: Why They Matter”

2019 Year in Review

As the new year approaches, we want to take a moment to review everything we accomplished this past year. 2019 brought achievements and challenges that pushed us to reflect on our work and further our mission of ending youth homelessness. With your help, we had an incredible year. Check out some of our favorite highlights… Read More of “2019 Year in Review”

A Trip Around YouthCare During the Holidays

There’s a palpable air of excitement at YouthCare during the month of December. Last week, it bubbled over the surface as young people celebrated the holidays in safe and welcoming spaces across YouthCare’s programs. At YouthCare’s Orion Center, young people loaded up their plates with savory meatballs, mashed potatoes, cheese, and fruit at the party.… Read More of “A Trip Around YouthCare During the Holidays”

A Holiday Tradition of Generosity at YouthCare’s Adolescent Shelter

Eleven years ago, a group of United Airlines staff sat down to plan their annual Fantasy Flights event, a tradition where they transform their stations into a winter wonderland for youth. That year, they were given a unique opportunity to do something a little different. With the vision of giving back and spreading cheer to… Read More of “A Holiday Tradition of Generosity at YouthCare’s Adolescent Shelter”

YouthCare Volunteer Spotlight: Viktória

Volunteers play an essential role in YouthCare’s work to support youth experiencing homelessness. In honor of International Volunteer Day, we sat down for a Q&A with one of our amazing volunteers, Viktória! Viktória is part of a fierce volunteer team at YouthCare’s main office; every Thursday she can be found sorting and organizing the incredible donations… Read More of “YouthCare Volunteer Spotlight: Viktória”

6 Simple Ways to Brighten the Holidays for Youth Experiencing Homelessness!

The holidays are a special time: there’s excitement in the air as we exchange gifts, gather around the table, and count our blessings. Every young person deserves to experience those special moments. At YouthCare, staff are working hard throughout the season so youth can feel more at home during this time of year. Can you… Read More of “6 Simple Ways to Brighten the Holidays for Youth Experiencing Homelessness!”

YouthCare Endorses Shut Down NWDC Campaign

YouthCare has signed on in support of a campaign to shut down the Northwest Detention Center (NWDC) in Tacoma, Washington. We urge you to support this campaign and sign the petition here. What is the NWDC? The Northwest Detention Center is the country’s fourth-largest detention center for people awaiting immigration and/or asylum proceedings. NWDC is… Read More of “YouthCare Endorses Shut Down NWDC Campaign”

YouthCare Opposes Initiative 976

What would I-976 do? I-976 would significantly restrict our state’s capacity to generate revenue for transportation. Among other reforms, the initiative would limit car tab fees to $30 per year and repeal cities’ authority to levy additional fees through Transportation Benefit Districts (TBDs)—the primary means by which 62 cities across the state fund local transportation… Read More of “YouthCare Opposes Initiative 976”

YouthCare Welcomes Volunteers for Annual “Days of Caring”

This month, YouthCare welcomed volunteers from organizations around the community for their dedicated ‘Days of Caring’. Volunteers from Expedia showed up in full force to spruce up two of YouthCare’s community living programs. These volunteers deep cleaned the kitchens, which are focal points of community building for youth who call these spaces home. After completing… Read More of “YouthCare Welcomes Volunteers for Annual “Days of Caring””