YouthCare Stands Against Domestic Terrorism & White Supremacy

This Wednesday we witnessed an attempted coup on the U.S. Capitol and a violent attack on our democracy. YouthCare vehemently condemns Wednesday’s attack and shares the anger, sadness, and pain felt across our communities and the nation. This pain runs particularly deep among our Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities, including many of YouthCare’s… Read More of “YouthCare Stands Against Domestic Terrorism & White Supremacy”

After six years, South Seattle Shelter finally has a permanent home!

A bit of history: Six years ago, Seattle’s former mayor declared a State of Emergency on Homelessness and released additional funding to address the city’s rising rates of homelessness. Recognizing the limited resources for young adults experiencing homelessness in South Seattle, YouthCare received emergency funding to open a temporary shelter for young adults—Jackson Street—on the… Read More of “After six years, South Seattle Shelter finally has a permanent home!”

Step Inside the P.O.C. Street Arts Virtual Exhibition

The People of Color Street Arts program, housed at YouthCare’s University District Youth Center (UDYC), gives young people the opportunity to create and present works of art in the community while exploring social justice and cultural intersections that exist in the world around them. For youth experiencing homelessness, the stress-relieving effects of art and creative… Read More of “Step Inside the P.O.C. Street Arts Virtual Exhibition”

Helping Youth Through Fashion: YouthCare Enters New Partnership with Nordstrom!

YouthCare is thrilled to announce a new campaign with longtime partner Nordstrom to support youth experiencing homelessness in Seattle. Over the years, Nordstrom has never wavered in its commitment to ending youth homelessness in our community. Their employees have shown up at our events, supported our annual luncheon, clocked countless volunteer hours cooking or cleaning… Read More of “Helping Youth Through Fashion: YouthCare Enters New Partnership with Nordstrom!”

Get out the Vote 2020 at YouthCare

Last September, YouthCare launched a two-month Get Out the Vote 2020 campaign for staff and youth. The campaign included a variety of initiatives—from presentations across YouthCare programs to partnerships with National Voter Registration Day, National Voter Education Week, National Vote Early Day, and the Election Trust Project. Through email campaigns, resource sharing, and social media,… Read More of “Get out the Vote 2020 at YouthCare”

YouthCare’s First-ever Luncheon: A Huge Success!

Wow! Thank you to everyone for tuning in and supporting the dreams of young people during our virtual luncheon last Friday! It was an honor to spend an hour with our community, connecting through stories of challenge, perseverance, strength, and joy from Youthcare alumni, clients, staff, and friends. Thank you for joining us! Together, we… Read More of “YouthCare’s First-ever Luncheon: A Huge Success!”

YouthCare Endorses Health Through Housing Proposal

YouthCare endorses the King County Health Through Housing proposal and we urge you to support it too. The Health Through Housing proposal will implement a 0.1% sales tax across King County for affordable housing and behavioral health treatment. Current forecasts estimate the tax will generate approximately $65-70 million a year, with the goal of housing… Read More of “YouthCare Endorses Health Through Housing Proposal”

YouthCare Statement on Illegal Border Closure

For over ten years, YouthCare has been running a program called Casa de Los Amigos (Casa) for unaccompanied youth arriving at the U.S. border. The majority of youth served at Casa are fleeing war, gang violence, human trafficking, and extreme poverty. They arrive at Casa alone, with next to nothing. Casa, which is supported by the… Read More of “YouthCare Statement on Illegal Border Closure”