Can you imagine not having enough underwear to wear? A clean pillow to sleep on, something to keep your hair in order, or a solid meal to keep you going? These are things so basic that many of us take them for granted, yet they are the basics that many of our young people experiencing homelessness have difficulty getting.

Spring is here, and with it comes the need for young people to restock their essentials and prep for the hot summer months ahead. As the new season unfolds, YouthCare is gathering items to support our clients’ practical needs, and keep them secure as they focus on building a future they can rely on. You can join YouthCare in supporting them!

Whether it is a hot meal, hair products, new underwear, or a gift card for gas or groceries, young people need your help to feel prepared for this season.

View our Spring Drive list below to donate today!

This spring, we are asking for donations of the following:

We are so thankful for your support for youth experiencing homelessness. When you help provide these basic necessities, young people can focus more on their goals and less on how they will find their next meal or needed clothes to wear this spring. Your contribution, no matter the size or amount, is vital for youth to continue on a path of stability and to build meaningful futures with hope.

For donation drop-off instructions, please email

Spring drive