More Than a GED Program: Art & Social Justice Curriculum Encourages Students to Be Active Learners

Youth without a high school diploma or GED have a 346% higher risk of experiencing homelessness. YouthCare’s robust education programs reduce that risk by helping young people build the academic skills needed for long-term stability. We’re thrilled to announce a new addition to our education programs: YouthCare’s GED Program at UDYC. The program is available… Read More of “More Than a GED Program: Art & Social Justice Curriculum Encourages Students to Be Active Learners”

YouthCare Partners with Planned Parenthood to Provide Teen Health Education

YouthCare is honored to have worked with Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and the Hawaiian Islands on a lawsuit to support teen health education. The trainings are provided to youth living at YouthCare, and Planned Parenthood has worked extremely hard to make the materials inclusive and affirming to young people with diverse gender expression and identities, as well as culturally… Read More of “YouthCare Partners with Planned Parenthood to Provide Teen Health Education”

4.2 million Homeless Young People is Unacceptable: We Must Do More

Over 40 years ago, Congress passed the Runaway and Homeless Youth Act—the first and only federal law targeted at serving unaccompanied youth. For nearly as long, homeless youth providers and organizations like the National Network for Youth have advocated that Congress fund well-researched and accurate data on the prevalence of youth homelessness. For decades, those… Read More of “4.2 million Homeless Young People is Unacceptable: We Must Do More”

Volunteer Spotlight: Jennifer “Superstar” Ting Tells All

Two-and-a-half years and over 180 volunteer hours have brought Jennifer Ting across YouthCare’s continuum of care. She serves in a variety of ways: She’s a regular sight in the YouthCare kitchen, leading a steadfast monthly meal group at the James W. Ray Orion Center. As a fixture at YouthCare’s GED Program, she considers her weekly… Read More of “Volunteer Spotlight: Jennifer “Superstar” Ting Tells All”

Young, Unemployed and Living on the Street

Tue, 12/18/2012 The New York Times explores the growing number of young adults who find themselves homeless, despite college credits and work histories. YouthCare clients and staff contribute their views to the article and accompanying video. While we are seeing greater numbers of these young people (ages 18-24 and unemployed), the majority of young people… Read More of “Young, Unemployed and Living on the Street”

Summer Jobs Scarce for Homeless Teens

Mon, 07/02/2012 This summer, seven out of ten teenagers nationally will be unemployed. For low-income kids, young people without stable housing, the youth we serve, the odds of landing summer employment are abysmal. But what we've found is that our young people are also pushing themselves beyond these frightening statistics, with YouthCare’s support.   Every… Read More of “Summer Jobs Scarce for Homeless Teens”

YouthCare’s GED Program Receives $100,000 Grant

Fri, 06/15/2012 On June 13th, YouthCare was awarded a grant of $100,000 by the Washington Women’s Foundation to support our GED program. This is a highly prestigious and highly competitive grant. Two hundred and seventy letters of inquiry were received by the Foundation. Only 25 nonprofits (five in each category of giving: arts and culture,… Read More of “YouthCare’s GED Program Receives $100,000 Grant”