The People of Color Street Arts program, housed at YouthCare’s University District Youth Center (UDYC), gives young people the opportunity to create and present works of art in the community while exploring social justice and cultural intersections that exist in the world around them. For youth experiencing homelessness, the stress-relieving effects of art and creative expression are especially important now.

Due to COVID-19 precautions, staff needed to find safe and creative ways to showcase young people’s art. Undeterred, they launched YouthCare’s first-ever P.O.C. Street Arts Virtual Exhibition! We’re honored to offer this honest and unfiltered window into the world of young artists in our community.

Check out the exhibition below or visit the Virtual Exhibition page to experience the exhibition in its full splendor:

While you explore, you can click individual pieces and artist photos shown on the virtual “wall”. You’ll be able to see a description, artist statement, dimensions, and costs for each piece of artwork. If you’d like to find out more or purchase art to support youth artists, please refer to their contact information in their artist biography!

This pandemic has taken a toll on our physical and emotional health. In these stressful times, art and creative expression can do wonders for how we cope and manage stress. We hope these heartfelt displays of art leave you feeling hopeful and connected to this incredible community of young artists. Thank you for joining us!