“I don’t care what day it is, if it’s raining, snowing – that creative light will always stay on.”

Last year we were honored to have Corey speak at YouthCare’s Annual Luncheon. With an eloquent mind, an affable spirit, and a creativity that shines brightly, Corey has been drawn to art as an important means of expression and direction.

We sat down with Corey and talked about his thoughts on how his creative work inspires him and what it means to him.

Video by VIA Creatives

YouthCare commissioned a piece from Corey, displayed here along with his artist’s statement. We hope you’ll find it as inspiring and moving as we do.

Corey's art commission

The vibrancy of kirby
And stars
That the new year you
Can be greater than you were yesterday
With positive vibrations
With painting
It glows like neon and speaks with love and 
Peace from the north, south, and west and east
It is magnificent and quality
But for the people
Cause vibrancy and Love
Is Equal
We are all one but no sequel


More of Corey’s art can be found on Instagram at @beanbag7k. Commissions and inquiries can be directed toward kincaidcorey320@gmail.com.