University Baptist Church recently donated $57,500 to YouthCare. In sincere appreciation of their generosity, we wanted to share a little about our friends there and the great impact they’ve had on our community.

University Baptist Church opened in Seattle’s University District in 1901. Over the next century, their congregation grew steadily and provided many needed services to the community, including becoming involved in social justice work with a particular focus on the areas of gender, racial, and economic equality.

In 2000, as a community deeply passionate about helping others, the church decided that the funds they spent on their existing building could instead be spent to provide much-needed support for organizations working toward peace, justice, and reconciliation within the community. They sold their large church building in the University District. Much of the funds went into an endowment, from which the church has made grants to nonprofits working to bring about social change, many of whom are in the University District. During the past two years, the church has provided grants through this program to support YouthCare’s Adolescent Emergency Shelter—the only shelter program for homeless minors in Seattle.

UBC’s donation to YouthCare is especially heart-warming as YouthCare itself started more than 40 years ago when a church decided to sell their church building to open a small youth shelter. YouthCare is not a religious organization, but we appreciate those who chose to contribute to their community and help homeless youth.

Over the years, UBC has generously supported YouthCare’s work through in-kind drives of needed items and financial support for our Adolescent Emergency Shelter.  YouthCare is incredibly grateful for this newest donation of $57,500 to support our work in helping homeless youth find safety, stability, and a path to the future.