YouthCare Responds to the Seattle Times

Yesterday morning the Seattle Times published an article regarding the City of Seattle’s performance standards for our homeless response system and emergency shelter services. The article referenced YouthCare’s CEO, Melinda Giovengo, who participated in an interview in an effort to provide accountability and transparency—as she, and YouthCare—have always done. Unfortunately, the complexity of the issue,… Read More of “YouthCare Responds to the Seattle Times”

No, Youth Don’t Choose to Live Outside

“Just because youth are sleeping outside doesn’t mean they prefer to live there,” writes YouthCare’s CEO, Melinda Giovengo, in this Op-Ed to the Seattle Times. “That’s a false dichotomy. It means they were put in the impossible situation of choosing themselves over their family. Or abandoning their partner, because there’s no couples’ shelter. Or their… Read More of “No, Youth Don’t Choose to Live Outside”

YouthCare Receives $57,500 Gift from University Baptist Church

University Baptist Church recently donated $57,500 to YouthCare. In sincere appreciation of their generosity, we wanted to share a little about our friends there and the great impact they’ve had on our community. University Baptist Church opened in Seattle’s University District in 1901. Over the next century, their congregation grew steadily and provided many needed… Read More of “YouthCare Receives $57,500 Gift from University Baptist Church”

YouthCare Receives $1M Investment from Paul G. Allen

Paul G. Allen has donated $1 million to YouthCare for the purchase of a new building to expand our capacity to serve homeless youth. This generous gift will double the number of emergency shelter beds for youth 12–17 in Seattle. “Paul is committed to building partnerships with private and public organizations to identify systemic innovations… Read More of “YouthCare Receives $1M Investment from Paul G. Allen”