After being pummeled by multiple snowstorms, this month officially marks Seattle’s snowiest February on record. Everyone has been affected by this weather—but freezing temperatures and prolonged snow hit especially hard for the young people YouthCare serves.

While we all endure the remainder of Seattle’s #Snowmageddon2019, there is something that brings us at YouthCare some warmth: the amazing response from our community to ensure that homeless youth aren’t left outside in the storm.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the many people who have stepped up to help us meet the needs of our young people:

Our Staff

Program managers and supervisors made miracles happen this week. They scrambled to keep programs open for young people. In some cases, programs stayed open past normal operating hours—in others, staff stayed overnight so there were no gaps in coverage.  Staff from all corners of the agency stepped up to ensure young people had warm food and safe shelter. We’re deeply grateful to our staff for their dedication to our mission and commitment to serving young people experiencing homelessness.

Our Neighbors

Seattle’s rising costs have pushed many staff members to the outskirts of the city. Having to commute from their homes to work meant long delays, time spent shoveling driveways, additional expenses, and of course, increased danger on the icy roads. But Springhill Suites by Marriott saved the day: they donated multiple guest rooms free-of-charge so that essential staff could stay, rest, and sleep overnight in order to serve youth at YouthCare’s Orion Center.  We’re so thankful to our longtime neighbors for their kindness and generosity.

Our Supporters & Friends

  • Many of us were in a frenzy to hit the grocery stores for food supplies this past week. We are so grateful to our friends at Gourmondo, who dropped off nearly triple the amount of weekly donated food for youth in programs.
  • We are also lucky to have supporters and friends in the community who consistently show their support for YouthCare and the young people we serve. We give a special thanks to our longtime friends, Diane Terry Real Estate Broker, Rotary Club of Lake Union, and Windermere Midtown, who stepped up to help raise funds and share the needs of YouthCare with their networks.
  • Our last shout-out goes to all of our amazing friends, followers, and supporters on social media who took the time to share or like our posts, and to those who donated essential supplies and funds for youth to help get through the storm!
South Seattle in the snow
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Thank you again to everyone who helped spread the word or gave to YouthCare during #Snowmaggedon! We couldn’t do it without you!