Last week, YouthCare commemorated Juneteenth in a similar fashion to the original celebration: with food, music, and community. While the journey toward freedom isn’t over, we took the time to recognize how far we have come.

The Orion and UDYC centers had an incredible time gathering this month to recognize Juneteenth! This holiday honors the day when the last slaves were finally freed in Galveston, Texas, almost two-and-a-half years after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed in 1863. We are still striving to dismantle systems of racial injustice almost 160 years later, but this Juneteenth, we celebrated the progress that has been made through decades of learning and growing together.

At the Orion Center, young people gathered to braid hair, participate in an open mic, play “Black Jeopardy”, and eat delicious food.

Juneteenth banner

At UDYC, there was music, painting, barbequing, and a water balloon fight!

YouthCare is committed to creating a space for homeless youth that is free of racial injustice. Thank you to all who participated in making these celebrations full of laughter, creativity, and hope. This year’s Juneteenth will be one to remember!