It’s Thankful Thursday and we’re so grateful for our wonderful partnership with Bishops Barbershop on Capitol Hill!

Bishops team

Every other month, our young people in program get so excited to make the trip up the hill to a cool spot, sit in a shiny black chair, and for a few moments, slip away into the leisure of a haircut and style.


For a few hours, program staff chaperone youth as they line up for haircuts after Bishops closes to the public. Five to eight stylists generously donate their time and talent to cut and style youths’ hair—from temple fades to stylish trims. So commences the enjoying of food, reading of magazines, and lots of giggles among youth while they wait for their turn in the barber chair.

Bishops night

Young people come with ideas to inspire or refresh their look and walk away with more confidence to face the world and plan their next steps. It’s such a simple act of kindness and yet brings dignity and normalcy to young people as they prepare for job interviews or classes.

haircut with youth

Thank you, Bishops, for helping us offer young people dignified haircuts to inspire confidence and fun as they move forward!

youth getting haircut