GiveBIG is back again! Join the community for our annual event of collective generosity. Early giving is now open, leading to the official 48 hours of online giving and philanthropy on May 7-8. Read below for our top 5 reasons to GiveBIGGER for youth experiencing homelessness in King County, and be sure to make your gift by 11:59pm on May 8! We are stronger together!

Here are 5 reasons to GiveBIGGER this year:

1) Because you share our belief that youth homelessness should not exist anymore.

Every year in King County, there are thousands of young people experiencing homelessness. You share our conviction that that number should be zero.

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You know that young people don’t grow up hoping to be homeless. Challenging circumstances beyond their control such as family conflict, abuse, trauma, institutionalized racism, and intergenerational poverty create a platform of instability for their lives. You believe, as we do, that no matter what hand they were dealt, every young person deserves the chance to gain stability and flourish.

2) Because supporting youth experiencing homelessness today prevents adults experiencing homelessness tomorrow. 

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More than 50% of homeless adults first experienced homelessness before the age of 25. YouthCare believes in early intervention and establishing stability to disrupt intergenerational cycles of housing instability. Disrupting the continuing challenges that cause this looping cycle can redirect entire generational trajectories.

Like us, you believe that building new foundations that young people can build their futures and their future families on, has the power to transform entire communities.

3) Because all youth deserve safety and security – in housing, employment, and health.

YouthCare believes in building strong foundations that will hold and carry young people for a lifetime. With 50 years of service, our programs have refined and focused on essential pillars such as secure housing, dependable employment, physical and mental well-being, and fostering community ties.

Today, YouthCare remains committed to expanding, evolving, and addressing the dynamic needs of young people in our community. But we can’t end youth homelessness alone — we need your help.

4) Because your actions impact the lives of young people.

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Every year, YouthCare provides assistance to more than 1,500 young people experiencing homelessness. Whether it’s providing a warm meal, a secure shelter, a supportive network, educational opportunities, or employment assistance, we empower young people to strive for enduring stability.

These vital services are made possible through your support.

Each donation you contribute demonstrates to young people that they are valued. It shows them that they are not overlooked or abandoned.

Because of your generosity, a young person will have the chance to build a brighter future and to know that their life matters.

5) Because every young person has potential and BIG dreams for their future.

YouthCare is doubling down on the futures of young people with our Constellation Center project and you can join us!

Constellation Center

The Constellation Center, located on the corner of Pine & Broadway, will be an innovative youth empowerment hub that opens pathways for young people transitioning from homelessness to thriving adulthood.

Together, YouthCare and our network of community partners will set our young people up for success through youth-centric solutions, delivered collaboratively under one roof: a space where young people find the housing, services, support, and encouragement they need to build skills for life and find meaningful, livable wage jobs. Your support helps bring projects like the Constellation Center to life!

Join the community in Giving BIG for youth experiencing homelessness this year!