GiveBIG is here! Join us for 48 hours of online giving and philanthropy in our community. Read below for our top reasons to GiveBIGGER for youth experiencing homelessness in our community—and make your gift  by 11:59pm on May 5th!!

1) Because you share our belief that no young person should experience homelessness.


On any given night in King County, there are approximately 1,000 young people experiencing homelessnessLike us, you believe that number should be zero.

Like us, you know that young people don’t grow up wanting to be homeless. They are navigating challenging circumstances beyond their control: family conflict, abuse, trauma, institutionalized racism, and intergenerational poverty. You believe, as we do, that regardless of the hand they were dealt, every young person deserves the chance to realize their potential and thrive.

2) Because we know what works. 

In 1974, a group of community members noticed young people outside with nowhere to go. Seeing this injustice inspired them to act boldly by opening one of the first shelters to serve runaway and homeless youth on the West Coast. Over the past four decades, YouthCare has defined best practices and set a national standard of excellence.

Today, YouthCare continues to expand, grow, and meet the changing needs of young people in our community. We have come a long way. But we can’t end this crisis alone—we need your help.

Check this out to learn more about our life-saving work! watch here

3) Because you can have an impact on the lives of young people.

Young person

Each year, YouthCare serves over 1,000 homeless young people. Whether it’s a hot meal, a safe place to sleep, a dedicated support system, a classroom, or a job, we help young people work toward long-lasting stability.

This is not possible without you.

Every gift you make shows young people that you care.

Because of your generosity, a young person will have the chance to build a brighter future.

Read our most recent impact report here.

4) Because every young person has potential and BIG dreams for their future.

GiveBIGGER to YouthCare to create a support system for the young people in our community that will never fail.

Make your gift by 11:59pm May 5th!