Sitting at the intersection of multiple social issues, the world of youth homelessness is dynamic, complex, and ever-evolving. Young people working to survive the vulnerable age range between 12-24 years without the basic support of family and safe homes, while often also carrying immense loads of developmental trauma, often leaves these young people primed to meet the world as a hostile place — and not unreasonably so. 

Community and philanthropic partners who recognize the complexity of this situation and move to support social service agencies with flexible funding, are invaluable partners in the work to support young people facing homelessness and social isolation. Trust-based philanthropy allows social service teams to nimbly act to meet young people where they are and tailor the work needed to reach them with support and connection.  

foundry10 has been a beautiful example of this. Enthusiastically giving to YouthCare’s programs and projects over the years, they have empowered YouthCare to dream up creative ways of bringing crucial connection, meaning, and an often-elusive sense of belonging to young people. 

Handa, Yoh, foundry10 Career-Connected Learning and Life Skills Team Lead, holding a gift basket from YouthCare clients

An education research organization with a philanthropic focus, foundry10 does their best to remove financial barriers for partners and give them the freedom to expand ideas about learning and create direct value for youth.  

foundry10’s support for YouthCare has included donated laptops to career programs, funding for youth art stipends, support for clothing making programs, and even funding for a podcast setup. One project of note that remains invaluably popular with young people is the setting up of a music room at YouthCare’s South Seattle Youth Center (SSYC). Amongst other things, foundry10 donated guitars, drums, a bass, amps, a keyboard, and a computer for music mixing.

Always a powerful conduit, music has proven to be a source of connection and inspiration for many young people at the south-based shelter. Colin Cabe, a YouthCare Case Manager who was responsible for approaching foundry10 for support with this project, says that he’s seen clients who spend time in the music room gain “a sense of self-confidence,” and “really shine as the truest version of themselves.” The room has even inspired the Jazz Night School, based in Hillman City, to partner in helping SSYC clients create their own music tracks. 

Be sure to see the music room featured in our tour of SSYC:

YouthCare’s Client and Centralized Services Coordinator, Tammi Woodall, has also found keen support from foundry10 for her projects teaching creative classes for clients such as jewelry and soap making. Another big hit with YouthCare clients, students have made gift baskets during their projects and delivered them along with signed cards to supporters, including Handa, Yoh, foundry10 Career-Connected Learning and Life Skills Team Lead, who led the funding of the classes.

Handa comments, “YouthCare provides a wide variety of support for homeless youth and we’ve been able to contribute to some of their creative services. Teachers like Tammi bring their expertise and passion to these young people and we are grateful to be able to support the safety, growth, and enjoyment she cultivates through soap making.” 

Contribute indeed! Generous, creative, and understanding of the unique needs of young people facing homelessness, foundry10 has been an invaluable partner in empowering YouthCare to flexibly reach out to young people with creative learning opportunities and community connection. We are so grateful for all of their support and leadership in trust-based philanthropy.  

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