Financial Donations

Your generous support enables us to help young people experiencing homelessness achieve long-term stability. Through your donation, we can help hundreds of young people every year find housing, go to school, get a job, and achieve their dreams.

Holiday Drive

It’s that time of year to light the fires, hold our loved ones close, and remember the joys we are grateful for in life. Help youth experiencing homelessness to feel that same warmth and joy by donating needed items for them this holiday season. Winter may be cold, but the warmth of your care and generosity can help provide safety and comfort!

Donate Needed Items

Clothes, towels, food, furniture…so many of the things we take for granted are desperately needed by young people experiencing homelessness. Donated items are deeply appreciated and put to resourceful use. If you are cleaning out your space or would like to round up some needed items, drop by our office and we will get them to those who need them. We also have the handy option to shop directly from our Amazon Wish List.