YouthCare is excited to announce the opening of James Place Studios!

Opened on July 1, 2019, these 13 new efficiency studios are now home to young people who have transitioned from homelessness and are pursuing their education and career pathways while building a community of support. Each unit features essential basics including appliances, furniture, bedding, lamps, and a stocked kitchen.

Home is where the heart is. And at James Place Studios, home is where hope resides.

“I can’t get over my new place…and this view!”Young person moving into a top-floor unit at James Place


We did it!goal meter

With your help, we SURPASSED our goal of $18,000 to furnish all thirteen units at James Place Studios!

We are in awe of our community who rushed to support young people who have made incredible strides to move beyond homelessness and are ready to flourish independently. Thanks to you, young people will open the doors to a cozy and complete home where they can build a thriving future.

Every dollar raised beyond our goal has been placed in a reserve for James Places Studios residents: funds will go toward future maintenance, replacements, and repairs for the building and apartments!

Household goods, kitchen appliances, bath and hygiene items, and cleaning supplies are always in short supply across our independent living, community living, and emergency shelter programs. Please help us welcome home young people by purchasing items from our Amazon Wish List!

Thank you for helping young people in our community move to long-term stability!