YouthCare’s Luncheon on March 14, 2017 raised more than $700,000 for homeless youth. Thanks to our generous sponsors, table captains, and donors in the Challenge Pool, all donations will go directly to YouthCare’s programs.

Guests at the event heard impactful speeches from Fox, Dalmar, and Stacia. Fox’s story of a family in turmoil and her perseverance made us incredibly proud of her and how far she’s come.


When Dalmar spoke of the heartbreaking last hug with his mother 19 years ago, his reconnection with her, and his plans for the future, we were in awe of his strength. And hearing Stacia’s update from last year filled us with the knowledge that she will truly make a difference in the world — indeed, she already has.


These three young people came to YouthCare from vastly different backgrounds, but they needed the same things: basic necessities, access to education, employment, housing, and someone to believe in them. They received those things and more at YouthCare, thanks to donors like you.


Melinda, our CEO, spoke passionately about not losing hope for our young people. “We are focused on unleashing the most powerful asset in our community: the dreams of young people,” she said. “These aren’t someone else’s children; these are our children. Take their lives personally.” Thank you, Melinda, for dedicating your life’s work to helping homeless youth!


And remember, our community’s homeless youth need your support throughout the year. If you could not attend, or would like to learn more about giving in other ways, visit our donate page.

Thank you to Lifestring Photography for donating your services!