The philanthropic arm of the Seattle Kraken and Climate Pledge Arena provides a ten-year, $10 million partnership of funds and in-kind donations to fight homelessness

May 4, 2021 – SEATTLE – YouthCare, the Seattle-based organization focusing on ending youth homelessness, has been selected as one of One Roof Foundation’s first beneficiaries. As the recently announced philanthropic arm of the Seattle Kraken (NHL) and Climate Pledge Arena, One Roof’s alliance with YouthCare offers a ten-year, $10 million partnership in which the new nonprofit for the National Hockey League (NHL) team provides funds and in-kind donations to the organization.

“We are immensely grateful and humbled to be chosen as an inaugural partner of the One Roof Foundation,” said Melinda Giovengo, CEO of YouthCare. “As one of the initial youth homeless shelters on the West Coast, we have spent nearly 50 years working to bring our mission of ending youth homelessness to life. This collaboration and donation of such generous resources will allow us to help so in our community.”

“Our collaboration is part of our commitment to leverage the Kraken’s and Climate Pledge Arena’s  resources to enact tangible change in our community,” stated Mari Horita, vice president of community engagement and social impact for the Kraken, and Executive Director for One Roof Foundation .  “Our holistic partnership with Youthcare is a new approach to move the needle in the decades old fight to end youth homelessness in our region.”

According to Horita, YouthCare’s role is more important now than ever, as their constituent base has been among the most severely impacted by COVID-19.

“Whether it’s a place to sleep for the short-term, or a need for employment training, YouthCare is here to give young people what they need to be self-sustainable,” she added

In the past year, more than 40,000 public school students experienced homelessness or housing insecurity in the state of Washington. YouthCare advocates for youth by providing shelter, housing, education and employment training to more than 1,500 youth in the community. YouthCare approaches the youth housing crisis with a long-term solution mindset. Rather than only providing a temporary fix to a young person’s housing insecurity, the organization provides education and job training, in addition to shelter, that will allow the young person to become self-sufficient.

“YouthCare provides shelter, critical educational opportunities, and employment training, and as importantly serves as a safe and secure place for young people to go and know that they are supported, respected, and welcome,” she added.

Together, the One Roof Foundation, Climate Pledge Arena and Seattle Kraken have committed to procuring a total of $2.5 million in cash funds for YouthCare by 2030. In addition to the foundation’s financial support, the partnership is expected to profoundly transform the outlook for homeless youth in Seattle through their employment opportunities. This summer, Climate Pledge Arena, the Seattle Kraken and YouthCare are hosting a job fair, during which they will share information about employment and internship opportunities for those in the organization’s care. Jobs to be offered to youth include roles such as arena guest services, kitchen staff and box-office positions. The  collaboration has also been an incredible help in creating a physical academy and affordable housing unit space in Capitol Hill, which is set to open in the next two years.

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About YouthCare

Founded in 1974, YouthCare was one of the first shelters to serve runaway and homeless youth on the West Coast. Since then, YouthCare has expanded to 14 sites serving more than 1,500 youth every year. Through a comprehensive range of services including outreach, prevention, shelter, housing, education, and employment training, YouthCare ensures that young people experiencing homelessness have the hope, skills, and self-confidence needed to thrive. For more information, visit the website at or follow along on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.