As part of YouthCare’s Project SAFE program, YouthCare is offering a series of FREE classes for parents and caregivers looking for tools to use in addressing the needs of their teens, ages 12-17. Parents/caregivers may register for as many workshops as they like.

Understanding Communication Styles

Understanding our own communication styles is the foundation for understanding how we relate to one another. This session will give parents/caregivers an understanding of their own styles, as well as that of their teen and other family members.

“Typical Teen” Development

While there are lots of unique characteristics about youth, there are also developmental milestones that most teens share. Parents/caregivers will learn about these stages by gaining an understanding of physiology and through exploring their own expectations of the teenage years.

The Path of Positive Discipline

The word “discipline” means something different to everyone, and must be tailored to the age and personality of the youth. This session will explore various styles of discipline that can be effective with adolescents and lay a foundation for the purpose that discipline serves in our lives.

Building a Relationship for Tomorrow

It is very easy for parents/caregivers to focus on their adolescent’s current behaviors. This session will focus on what parents/caregivers can do now in order to pave the road for their tomorrows.

Classes are FREE and open to parents/caregivers of youth ages 12-17. All classes will take place at YouthCare: 2500 NE 54th Street, Seattle WA 98105