Autumn has arrived, bringing with it beautiful fall leaves, cozy sweaters, and, for many businesses, workplace giving season!

Through workplace giving programs, companies encourage employees to contribute to the causes they are passionate about by making it easy to set up one-time or ongoing payroll deductions, organize events, or host donation drives for local agencies. Workplace giving can be a great opportunity for employees to spread out their giving over time and create an ongoing impact in their community, or to amplify their gift through employer-matching programs!

Jim Horazdovsky and Ann Paulson, donors since 2004, reflect on why they choose to support YouthCare through their employer’s giving program:

We treat our monthly contribution to YouthCare with the responsibility of paying a monthly bill. We believe that the services that YouthCare provides at this transitional period of a young adult’s life will have a lifelong impact.

I appreciate that my employer’s workplace giving program matches our contribution, lets us choose the verified group to contribute to, and makes it easy to make my monthly contribution to YouthCare via a web-based tool.

Thank you to Jim, Ann, and all of our generous supporters for helping our community’s homeless young people get the services they need to move off the streeets and prepare for life! To find out more about your employer’s giving programs, contact your human resources department today.