Fri, 03/08/2013

Devin, a piano tuner by trade and YouthCare volunteer, loves pianos. Despite his best efforts, however, the pianos of YouthCare have seen better days. While so many of the young people we serve are incredible musicians, the equipment just doesn’t do them justice.

Devin wants to offer them something else. “I see an organization that is using professional quality equipment in their kitchens and job-training centers and I would like to see the same standard of quality for their pianos.  My goal is to break the paradigm of the 'funky' donated piano by fundraising to purchase a Yamaha Cable-Nelson piano.” 

He’s ingeniously given people the opportunity to “buy a key” with a $40 donation and is over three quarters of the way towards reaching his $3,500 goal. He hopes to buy the piano next month, and will install it at the James W. Ray Orion Center, where the greatest number of young people will have access to it.

We are grateful to and inspired by Devin for his generosity and passion for providing the young people we serve with opportunities to build their skills and develop their interests.  We love seeing the creativity and talent of YouthCare supporters!

Upright piano