All across YouthCare programs, young people’s interest in skateboarding continues to rise. And it’s no wonder: skateboarding is a great form of exercise. It helps youth get where they need to go, relieves stress, and connects them to their peers in the community.

Eugene, Case Manager at YouthCare’s Orion Center, said:

“After working with young people experiencing homelessness at the Orion Center for several years, I have come to appreciate how much skateboarding helps connect young people with the means to express themselves creatively. It is something that the young people we work with use to make a direct connection to their creative expression.”

When Skateboards4all, an organization working to provide skateboards and equipment to those who want to learn, reached out to YouthCare in the fall, it was a perfect match. Their first donation of skate decks and gear came just in time for the holidays, and young people who requested skateboards were excited to get rolling!

Skateboards4all rallies our skateboard community—including local businesses and skaters—to repurpose used equipment and encourage donations to fund new skateboards and increase access to skating for everyone.

donating boards
Donated boards

It’s clear the skateboard community is tight-knit and eager to help. Here are a few other ways our local skateboard community has supported YouthCare:

  • 35th North Skate Shop recently heard about YouthCare’s work through Skateboards4all. They held a raffle over the weekend to raise money for YouthCare, bringing in almost $5,000 to support youth experiencing homelessness!
  • evo has served meals at the Orion Center, hosted community events to benefit YouthCare, and sponsored YouthCare’s luncheon for many years.

We’re so excited to continue working together so youth can continue to explore their love of skateboarding! Thank you to this awesome community for their continued support.

I’m very thankful to the supportive skateboarding community in Seattle, including the amazing folks at Skateboards4All who have been able to organize with suppliers and skaters in the community including evo, All Together Skatepark, 35th North Skate Shop, and the many other rad folks providing quality skateboarding gear for youth!

Eugene, Case Manager at YouthCare’s Orion Center
donated boards
Car full of donated boards!