Wed, 07/10/2013

You may remember hearing about Devin a few months ago – a piano tuner and avid pianophile, he wanted to share his love of piano music with the homeless young people we serve. Many of our clients and residents are talented musicians, but have limited access to quality instruments on which to learn. The piano at the James W. Ray Orion Center has been well used over the years, and has definitely seen better days.

Devin launched a creative fundraising effort to replace the instrument – each donor supported the purchase of one of the 88 keys on the piano. Last week, the hard work paid off as a beautiful new piano was delivered to the Orion Center. Youth accessing services at Orion couldn’t wait to try it out, and rushed to sign a thank you card for Devin and all who supported the project. This project is a testament to the power of our community to pool their resources to make a big investment in the lives of homeless young people. And whether they’re playing Billy Joel or Beethoven (or their own compositions), our young people are grateful for the community support.   

Image of Piano donated to homeless youth program