The Seattle Foundation’s 2016 GiveBIG event hit quite a few snags this year within a few hours of its start on May 3. Donors reported not being able to make gifts and nonprofits couldn’t download giving reports. The Foundation decided to extend the event for another day, through May 4.

Despite the technological problems, YouthCare is delighted to announce that you raised more than $55,000 for homeless youth as they gain stability, build their well-being, develop their goals, and move toward their full potential. Your gifts provide so much more than shelter, meals, and showers. You provide education programs, employment training, outreach, transitional housing, and more, including caring, dedicated staff that work hard to help youth overcome challenges and plan for their futures.

We’re still tallying donations and preparing our thank you notes for all the dedicated community members who gave to YouthCare for GiveBIG. Thank you so much!