YouthCare Statement on Illegal Border Closure

For over ten years, YouthCare has been running a program called Casa de Los Amigos (Casa) for unaccompanied youth arriving at the U.S. border. The majority of youth served at Casa are fleeing war, gang violence, human trafficking, and extreme poverty. They arrive at Casa alone, with next to nothing. Casa, which is supported by the… Read More of “YouthCare Statement on Illegal Border Closure”

YouthCare Pride 2020: Casa de Los Amigos Edition!

Recently, a young person staying at our Casa de Los Amigos program (Casa) for unaccompanied, undocumented youth, bravely opened up to staff about his struggles with coming out. He had experienced constant bullying for being himself in his native country. Casa de los Amigos staff welcomed him immediately with love and acceptance. This set off… Read More of “YouthCare Pride 2020: Casa de Los Amigos Edition!”

YouthCare Endorses Shut Down NWDC Campaign

YouthCare has signed on in support of a campaign to shut down the Northwest Detention Center (NWDC) in Tacoma, Washington. We urge you to support this campaign and sign the petition here. What is the NWDC? The Northwest Detention Center is the country’s fourth-largest detention center for people awaiting immigration and/or asylum proceedings. NWDC is… Read More of “YouthCare Endorses Shut Down NWDC Campaign”

FAQ on YouthCare’s Casa de los Amigos Program

What is YouthCare’s Casa de Los Amigos Program? YouthCare’s Casa de los Amigos Program (Casa) is a 20-bed emergency shelter program funded by the Office of Refugee Resettlement, which is domiciled at the Federal Department of Health and Human Services. The program was founded almost a decade ago to serve unaccompanied minors ages 12-17. The… Read More of “FAQ on YouthCare’s Casa de los Amigos Program”

YouthCare Statement Regarding Family Separation at the Border

As people who are committed every day to ending youth homelessness, it has been excruciating to watch families at our nation’s borders being ripped apart. The trauma of fleeing unspeakable violence in one’s home country is now being compounded through inhumane and racist policies inflicted by our government. YouthCare categorically condemns the atrocities at the… Read More of “YouthCare Statement Regarding Family Separation at the Border”