Thu, 12/08/2011

When his YouthCare case manager asked Jason what he’d like for the holidays this year, he responded, “Oh, I just want a card.” His case manager asked if he meant a gift card so he could pick something out for himself.   “No,” he replied. “Like a Christmas card that someone writes in.  That way I can keep it for years.”

It sounds almost too touching to believe, but it is indeed a true story. So let’s get Jason a holiday card that will knock his socks off: Make a donation to YouthCare before December 25th. In the comments section, make sure to tell us it’s dedicated to Jason, and we’ll add your name to his card (first names only).

Jason is new to YouthCare. He doesn’t have a permanent place to stay (right now he’s “couch surfing” with friends) while working two jobs. One of those jobs is with YouthBuild, YouthCare’s construction training program. Meanwhile, he’s working towards a high school degree so he can pursue his ultimate dream: going to college to become a construction site manager.

Your gift to YouthCare will mean a lot to Jason, and so much more. It supports our case management program that helps young people like Jason get connected to housing, education, and employment services. It supports all those services too – even support for Jason to apply to college, take the necessary exams, and apply for financial aid. It supports all the wraparound services we provide to our young people to help them get off the streets and preparing for life. And yes, it helps us make the holidays a little brighter for the youth we serve.

Make your donation today. If you donate before December 25, 2011, write “Jason” in the comments section, and we will add your first name to his card.

Holiday Card Image