GiveBIGGER this year by hosting a GiveBIG FUNdraiser!

Washington’s annual statewide fundraising campaign is underway! This year, GiveBIG has expanded its platform to support individuals and groups to fundraise on behalf of organizations they care about.

There is no limit to the impact you can have in our community when you host a GiveBIG FUNdraiser for YouthCare.

This type of peer-to-peer fundraiser is effective because your friends, family, and colleagues are more likely to support a cause they know you are passionate about! Sharing why you support YouthCare inspires others in your community to give, raising more support for YouthCare’s programming.

Even if you are able to personally give a little or a lot, hosting a FUNdraiser is a way to leverage your social capital to maximize your impact on young people experiencing homelessness in our community.

Each connection you make—regardless of how much money gets donated—spreads awareness of the root causes of homelessness and our shared work to build a better future for young people.

See YouthCare’s FUNdraising Toolkit for more detailed instructions and pointers for hosting a successful fundraiser for YouthCare.

If you have any questions about Peer to Peer FUNdraising, please contact