Count Us In is King County’s annual effort to count youth and young adults (YYA) aged 12-25 who are unstably housed or homeless. In January 2014, King County held its fourth annual Count Us In. Count Us In uses data from the following two sources to create a point-in-time profile of homeless and unstably housed youth and young adults:
  • Count Us In survey- This survey of youth was conducted by 46 youth service providers and community partners from across the county; AND
  • Safe Harbors- Safe Harbors is King County’s homeless management information system (HMIS).

Based on these data, we know that 779* youth and young adults in King County were homeless or unstably housed on the night of January 22, 2014. Of these youth:

  • 462 were staying in shelter or transitional housing programs and identified through HMIS.
  • 317 were identified through Count Us In surveys. Of these youth,
    • 124 were unsheltered; and
    • 193 were imminently at risk or at risk of losing their housing.

An additional 222 youth who were not unstably housed or homeless on January 22, 2014 reported having been unstably housed at some point in the past.

These findings are similar to Count Us In results in previous years. In 2013, 776 YYAs were identified as homeless or unstably housed (compared to 779 in 2014). Of the 776 homeless/ unstably housed YYA identified in 2013, 145 were in shelter, 302 were in transitional housing, 215 were imminently at risk or at risk of losing their housing, and 114 were unsheltered.

Count Us In documents the nature and extent of homelessness among youth in King County, and builds a better understanding about this unique population, their reasons for experiencing homelessness, and their background.

Data from Count Us In also inform our regional Comprehensive Plan to Prevent and End Youth and Young Adult Homelessness in King County by 2020. The Comprehensive Plan, issued in 2013 by a diverse group of stakeholders— including the City of Seattle, King County, service providers, United Way of King County, private funders, suburban cities and young people who have experienced homelessness– puts young people at the center, surrounding them with what we know they need: stable housing, encouraging adults, emotional support, education, and opportunities to gain work experience.

*A previous report issued in February 2014 reported 777 YYAs as homeless/ unstably housed. This March 2014 update represents final Count Us In data, including a change in the total number of homeless/ unstably housed YYAs to 779.