Picture of Degale smiling

By Degale Cooper,
Chief Executive Officer

In 2021, YouthCare served 1,540 youth in King County, in and around the Seattle area. Of these youth, over 70% identified as non-white, nearly a third identified as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, and 28% had experience with the foster care system. This disproportionality is evidence that not all young people have equal access to safety, stability, and opportunity within our community.

YouthCare offers a safety net of culturally competent support young people can rely on when they have nowhere else to turn due to family conflict and rejection, generational poverty, and inequitable access to opportunity. Our community enables our team to help our young people heal from the trauma of homelessness and move from surviving to thriving. Your vital support provides the foundation of family for young people who are isolated, unsupported, and working hard to make it on their own.

The pandemic and world events have disrupted much of life’s rhythms for all of us, but we are determined to protect the lifelines we have built together in support of our young people. So far this year, our community has helped 1,138 young people meet their basic needs and attain housing, education, employment, guidance, and connection. This marks a 25% increase over this time last year. The need is great, and YouthCare is committed to meeting this moment for young people. We invite you to join an afternoon of hope and inspiration at YouthCare’s 36th annual luncheon on Thursday, September 15 at 12 pm at The Westin Seattle. YouthCare’s luncheon is a personal way for you to be a part of young people’s stories of transformation and pathways forward. Looking for ways to get involved in addition to attending the luncheon? There are many ways you can make a difference in the lives of youth experiencing homelessness.

Back-to-School Drive

Education unlocks the future for young people and brings dreams within reach. It’s the beginning of a new school year, and you can help young people return to the classroom prepared with new school supplies so they can focus on learning. At YouthCare, we believe that every young person deserves the opportunity to work, achieve their potential and build a meaningful future. Participate in YouthCare’s back-to-school drive and supply items directly through our wish list or organize a drive to collect the most needed items.

Give Your Time or Talent

Volunteering at YouthCare sends a strong message to young people that you care about their potential. There are many options for adults and youth alike, from providing meals to taking part in a group project. Have a special skill to share? Tell us about it! Learn more about volunteer opportunities here or email our community resource manager Amanda Ayers-Ruiz at amanda.ayersruiz@youthcare.org.

Invest in Young People

Unable to attend the luncheon? Don’t worry – you can still support YouthCare! Visit this link to make a secure donation and to learn more about next year’s luncheon.

Our young people need us to do our part to end youth homelessness. We are grateful for everyone who is helping our young people meet this moment and transform our community. We invite you to be a part of this urgent work and support young people working hard for their futures. Please join us!