YouthCare is thrilled to announce a new campaign with longtime partner Nordstrom to support youth experiencing homelessness in Seattle.

Over the years, Nordstrom has never wavered in its commitment to ending youth homelessness in our community. Their employees have shown up at our events, supported our annual luncheon, clocked countless volunteer hours cooking or cleaning in our programs, hired youth clients, and amplified YouthCare’s work to its customers.

It was no surprise that, even in hard times, Nordstrom reached out to offer additional support through a new campaign launched by their give-back brand, Treasure & Bond. Starting August 2020, Nordstrom’s Treasure & Bond brand is generously donating 2.5% of net sales to benefit five nonprofit organizations throughout North America, including YouthCare! This campaign will support many initiatives including housing, mental health services, and job training for young people experiencing homelessness. In addition to YouthCare, other beneficiaries include The Ali Forney Center in New York City, Youth Emerging Stronger in Los Angeles, The Night Ministry in Chicago, and Covenant House in Toronto, Ontario.

“We’re grateful to Nordstrom for continuing to believe in our work of ending youth homelessness in our community. This partnership sends a clear message that young people experiencing homelessness are not forgotten and that they are worthy of support and care. With Nordstrom’s support, we’ll continue to help young people gain stability and build a brighter future.” – Melinda Giovengo, CEO & President

About the brand: Treasure & Bond is a brand built to give a lift to the next generation, raising more than $6 million dollars for young people in need since 2011. We give 2.5% of net sales to organizations across North America that serve youth experiencing homelessness.

If you’re interested in adding stylish pieces to your wardrobe while supporting YouthCare, you can purchase Treasure & Bond merchandise in Nordstrom stores and online! Thank you again, Nordstrom!