Expanded Investments in Youth Employment

The Schultz Family Foundation has launched a new youth employment initiative called 100,000 Opportunities. Based off the successful model of YouthCare’s Barista Training and Customer Service Program, the foundation plans to spend $30 million to train young people and secure jobs for them at companies such as Starbucks, Alaska Airlines, Porch.com and Microsoft. In their endorsement… Read More of “Expanded Investments in Youth Employment”

Starbucks, Schultz Family Fund National Expansion of Barista Program

The Seattle Times’ Angel Gonzalez shares the good news about the Barista Training and Education Program, founded ten years ago as a partnership between YouthCare and FareStart: The Schultz Family Foundation and Starbucks are committing $3.4 million to launch in other states a well-established Seattle program that trains at-risk youth as baristas to build skills… Read More of “Starbucks, Schultz Family Fund National Expansion of Barista Program”

Crosscut Highlights Local Solutions to Youth Homelessness

Crosscut launched a multipart series on youth and young adult homelessness, explored from many angles. The multimedia pieces—including written articles, videos, and audio portraits—showcase the diversity of homeless youth experience in King County, as well as the many partners working together to solve the problem. YouthCare is honored to be featured in several of these… Read More of “Crosscut Highlights Local Solutions to Youth Homelessness”