BNBuilders and several local subcontractors recently teamed up for a day of volunteer service in coordination with YouthCare, a non-profit organization providing basic services, educational resources, and emergency shelter to homeless and at-risk young people.  BNBuilders sponsored and organized the event to beautify YouthCare’s James W. Ray Orion Center, which provides a place for learning and growth for in-need youth and young adults in the Seattle area.

Over fifty volunteers from BNB joined with local firms including Interior Wood Products, Builder’s Hardware, Expert Drywall, Washington Commercial Painters, and McKinstry to complete renovations to both the interior and exterior of the building.  The exterior of the building was completely repainted, new signage provided and sidewalk and streets cleaned-up. Inside the building, new walls were built to provide two new offices housing up to five new desks, cabinets repaired and replaced, doors installed, fresh paint applied and house cleaning throughout.

“As a company that is located in the downtown Seattle area, we see YouthCare and the Orion Center as an integral part of our neighborhood.  We recognize that, as a non-profit, they want to spend their limited financial resources to benefit their clients.  As a general contractor and community-minded firm, we can provide assistance by helping to revive their existing building, creating a more inviting space for the at-risk you that utilize the facility,” said Jeff Nielsen, Founder and Principal of BNBuilders.