• Support the Family in Need of Services Act (SB 6467/HB 2870) to strengthen our system response for youth and families in crisis. Homeless teens in our state often fall through the cracks, and over one-quarter of youth staying in YouthCare’s emergency shelters exit into another shelter because they have no place to go. The FINS petition collaboratively strengthens and supports youth and families in crisis, and creates a legal pathway for minors to stay in shelter beds long-term should no other option exist.
  • Exempt minors from charges of prostitution (HB 2857) and create a therapeutic pilot program for sexually exploited youth so they are treated as victims of trafficking and not as criminals. Changing the statute would ensure a victim-centered and trauma-informed response. It would bring Washington in line with other states as well as in compliance with the federal law.
  • Preserve critical funding for homeless programs (HB 1570) by removing the sunset on over 60% of the Homeless Housing and Assistance Surcharge, and modestly increasing the fee. This surcharge funds critical YouthCare programs such as street outreach, shelter, and housing—yet the revenue generated from the fee does not meet the need.
  • Outlaw discrimination based on renters’ source of income (HB2578) because youth across the state already face barriers to rental housing due to their age and lack of rental history. Our youth increasingly find housing outside the Seattle city limits, and landlords regularly reject their applications due to their source of income.
  • Invest at least $106.37 million for the Housing Trust Fund in the Capital Budget to preserve and construct affordable housing options across our state.

Support Agenda

  • Allow minors to provide consent to share their information in HMIS (SB 5625/HB 1630).
  • Eliminate the use of detention for status offenses (SB 5596).
  • Pass new progressive revenue to support the full continuum of human services.