• (HB 1570) Preserve critical funding for homeless programs by removing the 2019 sunset on $30 of the Homeless Housing and Assistance Surcharge. This sunset will result in a loss of more than $70 million for homeless programs in the 2019-2021 biennium, including crucial funding for homeless youth street outreach, shelter, and housing.
  • (HB 1633/SB 5407) Outlaw discrimination based on renter’s source of income because youth across the state already face barriers to rental housing due to their age and lack of rental history. Our youth increasingly find housing outside the Seattle city limits and landlords regularly reject their applications due to their source of income.
  • (SB 5596) Eliminate use of Valid Court Order exception to detain minors with status offenses in juvenile detention to reduce the rate of incarcerated youth. Washington leads the nation in detaining youth with status offenses. Studies have found that juvenile detention correlates with negative outcomes such as higher dropout rates, higher rates of recidivism, and lowered economic opportunity.
  • Support $200 million investment in the Housing Trust Fund to construct affordable housing options across our state.
  • Support new revenue options to ensure funding of McCleary obligations while also investing in services for vulnerable youth, adults, and families.
  • Support near-term action priorities outlined by the Office of Homeless Youth.

Support Agenda

  • (HB 1661/SB 5498) Create a new Department of Children, Youth, and Families.
  • (HB 1630/SB5625) Allow minors to provide written consent to HMIS.
  • (HB 2061) Allow minors to remain in shelters during investigations of abuse or neglect.