Shelter and Housing

Shelter and Housing

With each youth, we keep one question in mind: “What's next?” We look for moments to ask it.

Youth at YouthCare's Emergency Shelter

Emergency Shelter: Never Just a Bed

Emergency shelter programs offer us a chance to establish relationships and provide and coordinate services.  Read more

YouthCare resident

Independent Living

Home of Hope

At YouthCare’s Home of Hope, 20 young adults at a time have a chance to experience independence while still being able to access services. They furnish and decorate their own apartments, shop and cook for themselves, pay the bills, and negotiate shared space and responsibilities with roommates. Read more


Safety, stability, guidance, care. Many of the young men and women at Passages have only a vague memory of such things. Others recall all too clearly what it once felt like to have them. Others can't, having never known them. Read more


Some of the young people at Pathways were lucky: they reached us fairly quickly. Others were out there a long time. Some are pretty sure they’re “street smart.” Others never were or could be.  Read more

Isis at Ravenna House

Up to 40% of homeless youth identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning. Founded in 1998, Isis at Ravenna House remains one of the only programs for LGBTQ homeless youth in the Pacific Northwest. The letters in "Isis" stand for Independence, Security, Initiative, and Success. Read more