Snap gigs are one-time opportunities for young people to immediately access employment and earn cash. The “gigs” are intended to engage young people with limited employment history so they can experience the success of committing to a job and being compensated for their time. Snap gigs are often a gateway into YouthCare’s employment training and internship programs as young people are able to build confidence and imagine a future career pathway.

Snap gigs are hosted internally at YouthCare’s engagement centers or externally in the community. For example, YouthCare’s employment and outreach staff team currently collaborate to host art pop-up events at the Capitol Hill Library. Young people who are living on the streets can participate in a short-term job where they set goals, work on group projects, and make art. Following the pop-ups, young people have joined the Tile Project at YouthCare’s Orion Center as a first next step.