Healthcare, grocery, delivery, and essential workers are courageously putting themselves on the frontlines of this pandemic every day. Let’s take a moment to thank our frontline heroes continuing to provide shelter and essential services to our community’s most vulnerable youth.

Our frontline staff are doing heroic things every day: the youth counselor guiding art projects and giving young people a creative outlet; the overnight staffer calming a young person who’s worried about a friend; the meal coordinator making sure young people are well-fed and healthy in the midst of a crisis that puts them even more at risk.

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We’ve also launched a staff appreciation campaign to rally support for our incredible #FrontlineHeroes—our direct service staff working on the frontlines to help youth be safe during this pandemic. Learn more about how you can support here!

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Please know you are appreciated more than you may ever know especially now. Please take care of yourselves – wear a cloth face covering, wash your hands often and keep physical distance from others. Laugh often – it’s okay to smile and it’s healthy! Remember this is not forever but temporary. One day at a time. ❤️ YOU are doing great things each day! – Trudi Inslee

You’re making a difference in people’s lives. Love you! – Jesse S.

Thanks for being there for all those folks who need community and love right now. – Laurie C. & Hee Yon S.

I am spending my days at home right now taking care of my newborn son. It’s a scary time to have a small child, but thanks to people like you, I’m able to get the things I need to care for him. When he’s grown, I will tell him about the heroes who risked their lives every day to provide essentials for us to survive during this time. God bless you and thank you thank you thank you. – Riley H.

Thank you for helping people stay safe! We wish you all the best and thank you for your hard work. – Tegan & Jordan

To All the UDYC Staff! I so appreciate your dedication to our vulnerable youth and send you tons of good wishes in place of the usual Wednesday lunch that I so enjoy preparing. I’ve been trying out a few new recipes here at home and can’t wait to get back to volunteer and make yummy lunches for you and the youth again! Thinking of you!  – Terri C.

I was already amazed by the work your organization does, but to do it now when it’s even more necessary than ever and more risky than before is incredible. Thank you for caring for the youth in our community during what was already a challenging time in each of their young lives. Much love to all of you! – Erica L.

Thank you all for what you do in normal circumstances. You can’t begin to hear enough gratitude for your dedication during these challenging circumstances. My team will never forget our experience at YouthCare. This organization is so impressive because of the incredible staff! THANK YOU for the countless sacrifices you and your family are making to support our youth. – Annette 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for being there to support young people. I think of you all every day with respect and gratitude. – Tekla

Many thanks to all the frontline folks for your care of young people in our community who need it the most. Without it, we’d all be the worse. With your care, the whole community benefits. – Camille S.

Thank you for love that you show the youth you are working with each and everyday. You are very much wanted and needed, especially during this difficult time. Thank you, thank you! – Anonymous

What you guys are doing is incredible and inspiring. When times are rough you all stepped up to the plate in any way you could. Now I don’t really watch sports but that deserves recognition. “Sometimes we have to let go of what we thought was going to happen and deal with what is happening.” -Unknown.

You do that quote justice, so a genuine thank you for all that you do. – Claire

You are doing amazing work for the most vulnerable youth in our community! Thank you for your dedication and commitment to being there for them. All of us are indebted to you for the care and kindness you provide. – Mollie G.

I am a long-time YouthCare volunteer and I have *always* been inspired by the dedication of the team. In these days of Coronavirus, I am in awe of everyone at YouthCare who is staying on-deck and making sure youth are safe. While so many of us stay at home and worry about toilet paper – these are the true heroes. You are wonderful and inspiring! Thank you! – Nancy

Your bravery and commitment to our youth is so incredibly admirable. To put your own personal life on hold to help ensure our youth are safe and healthy is the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you for EVERYTHING you do, EVERY day for Seattle! – Cassie W.J.

Thank you for your kindness, your love, your strength and your essential work for our young people. You are totally awesome! Blessings on you and your families! – Susanne W.

It is now that I wish I was a wordsmith to share with ya’ll how inspirational you are. Your selfishness is an example to us all. Take care of yourself and your family. We appreciate you so much! – Christa T.

Thank you for looking after the needs of young people during this scary time. Your courage and humanity are shinning brightly for all to see. – Mary Lou D.

Thanks to all of the staff at Pathways for your amazing support of the youth residing there. We are consistently impressed at your positive energy, your flexibility and your commitment to creating a safe and nurturing home for the teenagers living at Pathways. When Paul dropped dinner off this weekend, one of the girls enthusiastically shouted, “Hi Paul and Kristin”. It was heartwarming. We miss having dinner with all of you, gardening together and sharing stories. Pathways’ staff have always created a special home for the teens living there. Your efforts are magnified in these challenging times. Hope to see you soon! – Kristin A. & Paul S.

Dear YC staff, Wow…I just want you to know how much we appreciate all that you are doing for our kids. You are the heroes…the ones taking the greatest risks and we owe everything to you. We are thinking of you all the time and sending love and blessings. You are not alone! – Patty F.

The work you do is so important and so appreciated! All of you are my heroes for continuing to support the youth who are most vulnerable and in need, especially in this current way of life. Thank you, thank you and a million more thanks from me. You are making a huge and positive difference in this world. ❤️❤️❤️ – Patty L.

Sending strength and best wishes. THANK YOU!!!!! – John & Johanna

Thank you for the amazing work you do to care for our young people, especially during these trying times. Your actions demonstrate the best parts of our society to truly care for those who need and want it. We thank you for the meals you prepare, your compassionate listening, and the consistent and fierce support you give our young people every day! – Tricia R.

You folks are special! Thank you for your caring and commitment to these young people in all their hard times, especially in these the most challenging of times. – Nancy & Craig S.

We are thankful that YouthCare’s staff is working 24/7 to support and deeply care about some of the most vulnerable people in our society. Youthcare’s work works! – Doug & Jeri D.

Deep, deep appreciation for all your are doing on the front lines to directly support our beloved community (even more than usual). Due to health restrictions, I’m not able to chip in in that way and honor you all the more. Your work is recognized and making a difference to individuals, our community and in that way rippling out to the world. Sending love and healthful wishes! – Anonymous

You are all rock stars. Thank you for continuing to provide support to our youth and young people in this time of need. – Rhiannon

YOU are appreciated and YOU make a difference! THANK YOU 🙂 – Tisha

I’m so proud to be associated with all of you who are going above and beyond every day to care for young people. You inspire all of us to give more and do more but make no mistake: you are the real heroes. Thank you! – Karen J.

Thanking you from the bottom of my heart! – Tekla

Stay safe and keep up the good fight! – Patrick

Happy to have made it as a gay man from a not-very-accepting family into a career in physics (and the faeries as well). When you have the cash, build a bigger table, not a higher wall. – David K.

In these terrible times, all we have – and all we need – is each other. – Michael J. F.

You have always been heroes. You have worked tirelessly for modest pay to help those in need because they have next to nothing, and you need to show them that the world does care about them. So now, when the world is suffering, and those most vulnerable need you even more, you step up to the challenge and serve. And again, you don’t call attention to the fact that you have outdone yourselves in being superheroes. For once, please bask in the much-needed applause of your compassion, hard work, and sacrifice. Your wealth of karma is beyond what the worldly treasuries can hold. You are an embodiment of courage, hope, and love. Thank you! – Tien N.

I am lighting candles daily for all the homeless and those that need more support. We are all in this together! – Mandy M.

Thank you so much! I can’t imagine how hard it is to support this population in the midst of this crisis. Trying to keep yourself safe while providing the critical help to these young adults is sure to be stressful. Please know that people like me are so very thankful for your work. Just know that we are aware of your efforts and truly appreciate it. Stay strong, get some rest, and remember to smile once in a while.  – Crackers

Thank you for looking out for our friends and neighbors that are often overlooked. You are all appreciated! – Tim R.

Thank you to all the amazing front-line staff for showing up strong throughout this crisis. Your work has never been easy and it just got a lot harder. We know you are stepping up in new ways to be there for all the young people who need you. They are protected because of you. You are all heroes! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! – Erin C.

Thank you, YouthCare people, for doing the work most of us are not able to do!!! You make the difference and we are behind you cheering you on.  – Marie A.

As a meal volunteer, I’ve had the opportunity to witness just one of the many vital and important services you provide. Thank you for continuing to show up for the youth who depend on you each and every day. I’m with you in solidarity, holding a light to the time when we can again stand together in person. – Kathryn

You make it possible for young people to grow into capable, caring adults. – Gail M.

Thank you for all you do to support our underserved homeless youth. Bless you all. – George P.

Keep the faith in your future! – And to the staff at Catalyst, thank you for being there for the young people like you are. Many of them need you now more than ever. Remember to take care of yourselves. #StayStong #Thankyou #FrontlineWorkers y W.

We at Mirabella are holding staff and clients in our hearts. We know that you will make it through this difficult time. Hang in there! – Carolyn B.

It takes a special kind of person to do the work you do. COURAGE and Kudos to you all. – Adrienne T.

To the staff at Catalyst, Thank you for being there for the young people like you are. Many of them need you now more than ever. Remember to take care of yourselves. #StayStong #Thankyou #FrontlineWorkers – Anonymous

We just want to take a moment and say thank you for your hard and selfless work during this time of crisis. Many lives have been saved and assisted because of your selfless work. Many times at the sacrifice of your own resources, time with your family, health…etc. Thank you again for all that you have done.

– JC

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