GiveBIG—our state’s biggest collective giving event—is here. Today, we’re asking for your help to keep youth safe and fight back against this pandemic’s injustices.

GiveBIG Now

This crisis has magnified the inequities impacting our most vulnerable communities. Emerging data shows that people of color are dying and getting sick at higher rates; people experiencing homelessness are particularly vulnerable to infection; immigrant families are struggling and some aren’t receiving stimulus checks. All the while, our government continues to deport thousands.

As we navigate COVID-19, YouthCare will continue to fight against racism and xenophobia. We’ll continue to ensure all young people who walk through our doors are met with welcome arms, especially those who are most vulnerable. With your help, we’ll continue to be a lifeline for youth experiencing homelessness.

Fifteen-year-old Isabella* is one of those young people. Isabella was born in Central America and is currently staying at Casa de Los Amigos, YouthCare’s emergency shelter for unaccompanied, undocumented youth ages 12-17. Isabella endured extreme violence in her native country before arriving at our doors. Because of people like you, Isabella will be safe tonight.

Isabella shares her gratitude for your help below:

Isabella quote

GiveBIG is an annual celebration to give to the causes you care about. We hope you’ll make a statement and #GiveBIG to support homeless youth who need your help.

Like you, we believe every young person deserves a safe home in this crisis. Your support ensures that young people like Isabella don’t slip through the cracks. With sincerest gratitude, we thank you for standing alongside us in the fight to keep young people safe.

*Name anonymized for confidentiality