Friday, October 9, 2020 I 12pm – 1pm I Virtual

WELCOME! We’re so excited for you and your loved ones to join us virtually for an hour of hope and inspiration. This year’s luncheon will air here on Friday, October 9 at 12pm. Obviously, this year’s luncheon is quite different, and this page is intended to answer your questions and make it easy as possible to participate!

First and foremost, how do I watch?

Don’t worry: it’s actually very easy! All you have to do is head to this link and press play on the video at 12pm on Friday, October 9.


How do I donate?

You can donate during or after the event using the donate button on the page. Alternatively, you can donate now so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

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How do I participate with my friends and family?

Even though there are no physical tables to sit at with your family and friends, there are still multiple ways you can participate together virtually. For example, you can organize a virtual watch party, create a virtual table, or join a virtual team. Check out the instructions below!

Join a Virtual Table

You can see if your table captain has created a virtual table by clicking the “Start Here” button on the virtual luncheon page. Click “Join a Team” then search for your table captain’s name. If your table captain’s name doesn’t appear, check to see if they intend to make a team or follow the directions below to start one yourself!

Reminder: You do not need to join a team in order to watch the program or make a donation.

Create a Virtual Table

  1. Having your own team page, or guests at your virtual table, is a great way to rally support and communicate about the luncheon in real-time. Head to our luncheon viewing page and click the START HERE button to create your page!click start here
  2. Click CREATE A TEAM.
  3. If you have an existing Classy fundraising account, click LOG IN. If not, click CREATE AN ACCOUNT.
  4. Sign up easily through your Facebook account OR simply enter your email and create a password. Then, click NEXT.
  5. You’re logged in! Fill in basic details and click CREATE TEAM.
  6. Congrats! You now have a page to customize, post updates, communicate with your guests, and fundraise! On your team page, you’ll see auto-populated information about YouthCare’s luncheon—feel free to customize and add your personal reasons for supporting youth experiencing homelessness.
  7. Invite guests to join you! Share your luncheon team page with your family, friends, and colleagues. Just copy your team page URL and share, or use the social media buttons on the top right of your team fundraising page to share. Your guests will need to click JOIN TEAM on the top left on your fundraising team page to sign up.

Note: Guests can also search for your team name (after you’ve created it) and join from the YouthCare luncheon page.

Host a Virtual Watch Party!

Regardless of whether you decide to host a virtual table, you can still enjoy this experience with your friends and family by starting a video call and watching the program online together on October 9 at 12pm.

  • Choose your platform: You can use any video platform you like, but here are our favorites:
  • Schedule and invite: After you schedule your watch party, be sure to post the meeting link on
    your fundraising team page and/or send it directly to your guests so they have it on their calendar!
  • Tune in together, get inspired, and make a BIG impact for homeless youth. Stream the program
    when it airs on Friday, October 9 at 12 pm here.

DON’T FORGET: Inspire, educate, and share with others on social media! Post photos and tag
YouthCare on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

Remind me…what’s my day-of checklist?

Luncheon day of instructions

Thank you!

We are so grateful for your partnership. Our work to end youth homelessness is not possible without your fierce advocacy, support, and belief in young people’s power and potential to create a better world for all of us. Thank you!

QUESTIONS? We know new technology can be daunting. We’re here to help! Feel free to email Gabbi Sawrey at with any questions!