Transitional Housing, Independent Living

How do you stabilize someone who no longer knows the meaning of the word “stable”? You start by putting a roof over their head.

Of course, it's not just a roof. It's a kitchen, where we’ll show someone how to make a pot of spaghetti, because no one ever took the time to do that before. It’s a dining room, where we celebrate birthdays with children who've never had a birthday party in their lives.

On the streets, they learned to trust no one – here, they learn how to build relationships. On the streets, they focused on day-to-day survival – here, they focus on the future. On the streets, they slept wherever they could – here, they have a space to call their own.

In YouthCare’s transitional housing and independent living programs, we provide the safety and support needed to bridge the chasm between living in chaos and preparing for life.