Project SAFE

Project SAFE is a free phone-based clinical consultation program for parents and caregivers of youth ages 12-17 at risk of running away or who have already run. Thank you for your interest in Project SAFE. The program is no longer operating in King County, but the following resources may be useful:

  • YouthCare’s Youth and Family Connection Network (YFCN) provides case management services to youth/young adults who are experiencing homelessness or are in a crisis that could lead to homelessness, with a goal of engaging the caring adults in the youth’s lives. Working with youth and young adults ages 12-25, YFCN services support young people in identifying goals, addressing housing instability, and developing positive communication and problem-solving skills within their families. YouthCare operates YFCN in partnership with Nexus Youth & Families (Auburn Youth Resources) and Friends of Youth. To learn more or enroll, please email

  • Changes Parent Support Network (CPSN) is a structured, peer-led program that provides support to parents struggling with children who are engaging in oppositional and self-destructive behaviors. Changes offers hope, help, support and relief from feeling overwhelmed and alone. Learn more at or 1 (888) 468-2620.

  • If you live in Snohomish County, Cocoon House continues to operate their Project SAFE program. Parents and other supportive adults can go to, or call (425) 317-9898 (for services in English) or (425) 339-4179 (para servicios en Español) to schedule an appointment or learn more about the program.